Lynn’s Landscaping – League City

Many families, in the bay area, enjoy outdoor family living on a regular basis. At Lynn’s Landscaping you have the opportunity to create your own piece of paradise right in your own back yard. You’ll find everything from waterscapes, retention walls, outdoor kitchens, fish ponds, streams and waterfalls. Lynn’s Landscaping will take your ideas and wishes and build a plan that will work for you. And if you’re not quite sure what you want, they’ll help you with everything from irrigation systems to patio coverings. Greg Gripon, can guide you through the entire process from planning to playing.

Listen in on Talk of the Bay as Greg talks about this family owned business, how it got started and how you can learn about Aquascaping. And for you golfers out there, Lynn’s can even help you build a customized putting green.

For more information visit or stop in at the garden center at 2060 Pecan Orchard Rd. League City - Phone: (281) 332-4651

the following photos are samples of how Greg can turn your yard into a paradise and do it quickly...check 'm out!

DSC01695 DSC01700 DSC04044 DSC04049
DSC01695.jpg DSC01700.jpg DSC04044.jpg DSC04049.jpg
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DSC04831.jpg DSC04836.jpg DSC04840.jpg DSC04842.jpg
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IMG_0041.jpg IMG_0043.jpg IMG_0050.jpg IMG_0052.jpg
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IMG_0057.jpg IMG_0066.jpg IMG_0188.jpg IMG_7082.jpg
IMG_7083 IMG_7087 IMG_7089 IMG_7093
IMG_7083.jpg IMG_7087.jpg IMG_7089.jpg IMG_7093.jpg
IMG_7101 IMG_7124 IMG_7151 IMG_7387
IMG_7101.jpg IMG_7124.jpg IMG_7151.jpg IMG_7387.jpg
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IMG_7390.jpg IMG_7392.jpg IMG_7394.jpg IMG_7396.jpg
IMG_7397 IMG_7398 IMG_7399 IMG_7406
IMG_7397.jpg IMG_7398.jpg IMG_7399.jpg IMG_7406.jpg
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IMG_7408.jpg IMG_7410.jpg IMG_7411.jpg IMG_7413.jpg
IMG_7416 IMG_7422 IMG_7426 IMG_7427
IMG_7416.jpg IMG_7422.jpg IMG_7426.jpg IMG_7427.jpg
IMG_7428 IMG_7429 IMG_7430 IMG_7432
IMG_7428.jpg IMG_7429.jpg IMG_7430.jpg IMG_7432.jpg
IMG_7433 IMG_7435 IMG_7436 IMG_7439
IMG_7433.jpg IMG_7435.jpg IMG_7436.jpg IMG_7439.jpg
IMG_7442 IMG_7443 IMG_7444 IMG_7445
IMG_7442.jpg IMG_7443.jpg IMG_7444.jpg IMG_7445.jpg
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IMG_7447.jpg IMG_9944.jpg IMG_9948.jpg IMG_9984.jpg
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