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CCISD FFA Members get ready for Auction

Today was quite a long day! We had to transfer all the animals from the barn at Creek to the West barn off of Nasa Road 1. I got pretty upset while I was loading Pinky up on to the trailer because it’s just one step closer to the big day. After loading her up we had to take out all our equipment and then take down her sign, which broke my heart. Now she’s getting used to her new home for the next few days at the West barn.pinky sigh

This week is going to be super crazy for me! Pinky and I will be working everyday in preparation for the show. The hog show is on Wednesday the 29th (be sure to look for me in pink!) Even though I won the showmanship clinic a few weeks back, I’m still extremely nervous! I hope everyone comes to the shows this week to support CCISD’s hardworking FFA members. If you aren’t interested in purchasing an animal, keep in mind that there are “Add-ons.” An Add-on is simply a donation… it is added on to the students price that they sold the animal for. Usually, local businesses, family, friends, etc. will do a $100 dollar add-on or however much they wish to donate in support of all the hard work the student has put forth for this project. Also keep in mind that if a student’s animal does not make sale, any buyers can purchase the animal still through the student.

The actual auction itself is on Thursday the 30th. Any interested buyers and sponsors are more than welcome to the buyer’s reception from 5-6:45 p.m. just before the start of the auction at 7:00. Please come out and support all of us hard working students! We’re really looking forward to a great turn-out this year.

Thanks again everyone for following me and Pinky’s story! I’m really hoping that we make the auction sale more than anything. If Pinky sells, the money for her and any add-ons will be a great down payment for my next four years of college. I just received my acceptance letters from Texas State and Stephen F. Austin and after I decide which school I’ll attend, I will continue to pursue my career path into the education field.

JANUARY 25-28 The 28th Annual CCISD FFA Livestock Show and Auction

Showcasing Agriscience Projects from CCISD High Schools FFA Chapters.The proceeds from each student’s auction item will go directly to the student to help them further their commitment to excel in agriculture and leadership  education. Clear Creek ISD Agricultural Event Center- 2155 West NASA Parkway, League City,Tx.

Livestock Show on Monday Jan 25th 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Judging of Broilers, Turkeys, and Rabbits

Livestock Show on Tuesday Jan 26th 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Judging of Goats, Lambs

Livestock Show on Wednesday Jan 27th 2:30-4pm Check-in Floriculture, Horticulture, and Heifers. 4:30 Judge Floriculture and Horticulture. 5:00 Judge Market Swine. Immediately following swine show judging of Market Steers and Heifers.

Buyer/Sponsor Dinner on Thursday - 5:00 pm to 6:45 pm

Livestock Auction on Thursday - 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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