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Pinky Goes to Auction CCISD FFA Show and Auction

This past week was a long and emotional end to my journey with Pinky. At the show on Wednesday Pinky and I placed 7th in my weight class which wasn’t too good at all. I was really concerned about not making it to the auction because they only pick out a certain percentage of animals for the sale. We didn’t find out until the very end of the night if we made sale and it turns out, Pinky barely made it and she was one of the very last lots of the sale! I was really happy that we made it. The following day was auction day and it was another really really long night. Pinky got sold to the owner of Southern States Offshore for $1,000. The owners’ daughter is my next door neighbor Leigh, she’s like my big sister and I couldn’t begin to thank their family enough. The money is a perfect start for a savings account for college.

            There’s not a big enough price to take away the loss of my pig though. After the sale, I was the last student to leave… I didn’t realize how hard it would actually be. Pinky was being so sweet especially before I left and it absolutely broke my heart. It was a really fun adventure and I learned so much. Thanks everyone for keeping up with me and Miss Pinky. I’d like to thank my agriculture teachers and my other FFA friends for all the support and help through all of this. A quick high five to Cheyenne Chaka, a sophomore and Clear Springs, for winning grand champion with her pig. I’d also like to thank my mom and dad for supporting me and helping me out whenever I needed this and that.

IMG_6175 IMG_6176 IMG_6177 IMG_6178
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IMG_6203.jpg IMG_6206.jpg IMG_6207.jpg IMG_6208.jpg
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IMG_6235.jpg IMG_6237.jpg IMG_6239.jpg IMG_6241.jpg
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IMG_6249.jpg IMG_6250.jpg IMG_6251.jpg IMG_6252.jpg
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IMG_6258.jpg IMG_6259.jpg IMG_6260.jpg IMG_6261.jpg
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IMG_6262.jpg IMG_6264.jpg IMG_6265.jpg IMG_6268.jpg
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IMG_6341.jpg IMG_6342.jpg IMG_6344.jpg IMG_6345.jpg
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IMG_6346.jpg IMG_6347.jpg IMG_6349.jpg IMG_6350.jpg
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IMG_6351.jpg IMG_6352.jpg IMG_6357.jpg IMG_6358.jpg
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IMG_6364.jpg IMG_6365.jpg IMG_6367.jpg IMG_6370.jpg