photos by
Eddie Harper and Paul Fjelsta

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January 16 – Z Krewe Coronation Ball - Galveston

The Royal Coronation Pageant for Z Krewe was held in the comfort of the Strand Theatre. Emcee, Alex Petty presented Big Daddy XVI Paul Rodgers and Big Momma XVI Julia Vandiver. Big Daddy and Big Momma are held in special honor, they are responsible for making sure that fun and frivolity reigns throughout the court and Krewe.

The court for the 2010 season was introduced highlighted by the crowning of Queen Zanie XVI Evelyn Shem and King Zanie XVI John Pfeiffer-Cobb.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as some of our Z Krewe friends kick off this fun season.

IMG_5530 IMG_5534 IMG_5535 IMG_5537
IMG_5530.jpg IMG_5534.jpg IMG_5535.jpg IMG_5537.jpg
IMG_5540 IMG_5541 IMG_5542 IMG_5543
IMG_5540.jpg IMG_5541.jpg IMG_5542.jpg IMG_5543.jpg
IMG_5544 IMG_5546 IMG_5547 IMG_5548
IMG_5544.jpg IMG_5546.jpg IMG_5547.jpg IMG_5548.jpg
IMG_5550 IMG_5552 IMG_5553 IMG_5554
IMG_5550.jpg IMG_5552.jpg IMG_5553.jpg IMG_5554.jpg
IMG_5555 IMG_5559 IMG_5560 IMG_5563
IMG_5555.jpg IMG_5559.jpg IMG_5560.jpg IMG_5563.jpg
IMG_5564 IMG_5567 IMG_5568 IMG_5569
IMG_5564.jpg IMG_5567.jpg IMG_5568.jpg IMG_5569.jpg
IMG_5571 IMG_5572 IMG_5575 IMG_5578
IMG_5571.jpg IMG_5572.jpg IMG_5575.jpg IMG_5578.jpg
IMG_5579 IMG_5580 IMG_5581 IMG_5582
IMG_5579.jpg IMG_5580.jpg IMG_5581.jpg IMG_5582.jpg
IMG_5584 IMG_5586 IMG_5587 IMG_5588
IMG_5584.jpg IMG_5586.jpg IMG_5587.jpg IMG_5588.jpg
IMG_5589 IMG_5590 IMG_5592 IMG_5593
IMG_5589.jpg IMG_5590.jpg IMG_5592.jpg IMG_5593.jpg
IMG_5594 IMG_5595 IMG_5596 IMG_5597
IMG_5594.jpg IMG_5595.jpg IMG_5596.jpg IMG_5597.jpg
IMG_5599 IMG_5600 IMG_5601 IMG_5603
IMG_5599.jpg IMG_5600.jpg IMG_5601.jpg IMG_5603.jpg
IMG_5604 IMG_5605 IMG_5606 IMG_5607
IMG_5604.jpg IMG_5605.jpg IMG_5606.jpg IMG_5607.jpg
IMG_5611 IMG_5612 IMG_5613 IMG_5614
IMG_5611.jpg IMG_5612.jpg IMG_5613.jpg IMG_5614.jpg
IMG_5616 IMG_5617 IMG_5618 IMG_5620
IMG_5616.jpg IMG_5617.jpg IMG_5618.jpg IMG_5620.jpg
IMG_5621 IMG_5622 IMG_5623 IMG_5625
IMG_5621.jpg IMG_5622.jpg IMG_5623.jpg IMG_5625.jpg
IMG_5626 IMG_5627 IMG_5629 IMG_5630
IMG_5626.jpg IMG_5627.jpg IMG_5629.jpg IMG_5630.jpg
IMG_5632 IMG_5634 IMG_5636 IMG_5637
IMG_5632.jpg IMG_5634.jpg IMG_5636.jpg IMG_5637.jpg
IMG_5638 IMG_5639 IMG_5643 IMG_5644
IMG_5638.jpg IMG_5639.jpg IMG_5643.jpg IMG_5644.jpg
IMG_5645 IMG_5646 IMG_5648 IMG_5649
IMG_5645.jpg IMG_5646.jpg IMG_5648.jpg IMG_5649.jpg
IMG_5650 IMG_5651 IMG_5652 IMG_5653
IMG_5650.jpg IMG_5651.jpg IMG_5652.jpg IMG_5653.jpg
IMG_5655 IMG_5660 IMG_5661 IMG_5662
IMG_5655.jpg IMG_5660.jpg IMG_5661.jpg IMG_5662.jpg
IMG_5663 IMG_5664 IMG_5665 IMG_5667
IMG_5663.jpg IMG_5664.jpg IMG_5665.jpg IMG_5667.jpg
IMG_5668 IMG_5669 IMG_5670 IMG_5671
IMG_5668.jpg IMG_5669.jpg IMG_5670.jpg IMG_5671.jpg
IMG_5672 IMG_5673 IMG_5674 IMG_5675
IMG_5672.jpg IMG_5673.jpg IMG_5674.jpg IMG_5675.jpg
IMG_5676 IMG_5677 IMG_5678 IMG_5679
IMG_5676.jpg IMG_5677.jpg IMG_5678.jpg IMG_5679.jpg
IMG_5680 IMG_5681 IMG_5682 IMG_5683
IMG_5680.jpg IMG_5681.jpg IMG_5682.jpg IMG_5683.jpg
IMG_5684 IMG_5685 IMG_5687 IMG_5689
IMG_5684.jpg IMG_5685.jpg IMG_5687.jpg IMG_5689.jpg
IMG_5691 IMG_5692 IMG_5693 IMG_5694
IMG_5691.jpg IMG_5692.jpg IMG_5693.jpg IMG_5694.jpg
IMG_5695 IMG_5696 IMG_5697 IMG_5698
IMG_5695.jpg IMG_5696.jpg IMG_5697.jpg IMG_5698.jpg
IMG_5699 IMG_5700 IMG_5701 IMG_5702
IMG_5699.jpg IMG_5700.jpg IMG_5701.jpg IMG_5702.jpg
IMG_5706 IMG_5707 IMG_5708 IMG_5709
IMG_5706.jpg IMG_5707.jpg IMG_5708.jpg IMG_5709.jpg
IMG_5713 IMG_5714 IMG_5720 IMG_5723
IMG_5713.jpg IMG_5714.jpg IMG_5720.jpg IMG_5723.jpg
IMG_5727 IMG_5728 IMG_5729 IMG_5732
IMG_5727.jpg IMG_5728.jpg IMG_5729.jpg IMG_5732.jpg
IMG_5733 IMG_5734 IMG_5736 IMG_5740
IMG_5733.jpg IMG_5734.jpg IMG_5736.jpg IMG_5740.jpg
IMG_5741 IMG_5742 IMG_5747 IMG_5749
IMG_5741.jpg IMG_5742.jpg IMG_5747.jpg IMG_5749.jpg
IMG_5752 IMG_5755 IMG_5756 IMG_6958
IMG_5752.jpg IMG_5755.jpg IMG_5756.jpg IMG_6958.jpg
IMG_6960 IMG_6961 IMG_6962 IMG_6963
IMG_6960.jpg IMG_6961.jpg IMG_6962.jpg IMG_6963.jpg
IMG_6964 IMG_6965 IMG_6967 IMG_6969
IMG_6964.jpg IMG_6965.jpg IMG_6967.jpg IMG_6969.jpg
IMG_6970 IMG_6971 IMG_6972 IMG_6973
IMG_6970.jpg IMG_6971.jpg IMG_6972.jpg IMG_6973.jpg
IMG_6975 IMG_6976 IMG_6977 IMG_6978
IMG_6975.jpg IMG_6976.jpg IMG_6977.jpg IMG_6978.jpg
IMG_6979 IMG_6980 IMG_6981 IMG_6984
IMG_6979.jpg IMG_6980.jpg IMG_6981.jpg IMG_6984.jpg
IMG_6985 IMG_6986 IMG_6987 IMG_6988
IMG_6985.jpg IMG_6986.jpg IMG_6987.jpg IMG_6988.jpg
IMG_6990 IMG_6991 IMG_7004 IMG_7006
IMG_6990.jpg IMG_6991.jpg IMG_7004.jpg IMG_7006.jpg
IMG_7007 IMG_7009 IMG_7011 IMG_7013
IMG_7007.jpg IMG_7009.jpg IMG_7011.jpg IMG_7013.jpg
IMG_7014 IMG_7019 IMG_7021 IMG_7022
IMG_7014.jpg IMG_7019.jpg IMG_7021.jpg IMG_7022.jpg
IMG_7027 IMG_7028 IMG_7029 IMG_7031
IMG_7027.jpg IMG_7028.jpg IMG_7029.jpg IMG_7031.jpg
IMG_7036 IMG_7037 IMG_7044 IMG_7045
IMG_7036.jpg IMG_7037.jpg IMG_7044.jpg IMG_7045.jpg
IMG_7046 IMG_7047    
IMG_7046.jpg IMG_7047.jpg