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October 21 – Docktoberfest South Shore Harbour Resort – League City

Fun and festivities were happening at the South Shore Harbour Resort on Friday night for their first annual beer fest.  Live music entertained guests as they enjoyed the beautiful buffet and ale tastings.  Benefitting League City Proud and their Holiday in the Park, coming up on the first weekend in December, the evening was a great time to visit with friends before the rush of the holidays starts. 

Note from the Editor:
Check out our inaugural story on Thanksgiving Dinner Wines; the first in our series of “Wine Around The Bay” a new segment on the Food & Spirits page of Wiredin.cc. Rolfe Schaumburger, our connoisseur of libations, will be taking us on an adventure through the world of wines, beer, whiskey and spirits. There will be food pairing recommendations, gift giving ideas and special treats along the way. 

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