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Discover The Freedom Of Living At The Village At Tuscan Lakes

Textoberfest at Village of Tuscan Lakes

Premier 55+ Lifestyle Living in League CityVillage at Tuscan Lakes
The Village at Tuscan Lakes brings good friends, an active lifestyle and impressive amenities together in one exceptional place. Each day offers countless opportunities for recreational and social pursuits next door, down the street or at any of the abundant, nearby conveniences. Centrally located in League City, The Village at Tuscan Lakes is less than 5 miles to South Shore Harbor, only 5 miles to the popular Kemah boardwalk and just 25 miles to Galveston.

Explore the Exceptional Amenities
The social hub of The Village at Tuscan Lakes is its 12,000 sq. ft. clubhouse that draws
residents for an array of social opportunities and activities, arts & crafts, billiards, fitness, a
resort-style pool, new bocce and sport courts as well a lifestyle director who helps in making
the excitement happen.

New Model. New Designs
Grand Opening Soon at The Village at Tuscan Lakes is a brand new model home and an entire new line of designs that will complement the existing models and homes offered. Be one of the first to tour and discover The Village at Tuscan Lakes. see photos of this gorgeous place to live...

For more information talk with a sales counselor  at 866-864-5475 or register online at

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IMG_6143 IMG_6145 TLks BCard Ad- WRC copy Tuscan Village flyer copy
IMG_6143.jpg IMG_6145.jpg TLks BCard Ad- WRC copy.jpg Tuscan Village flyer copy.jpg