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Eddie Harper & Stan Goldstein

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Cowboys and Cowgirls Who Cook at the Admiral Club

For the 8th year in a row, talented amateur chefs came together in the Admiral Club for the annual Cowboys and Cowgirls Who Cook (CCWC). In the spirit of this friendly but fierce culinary competition participants transformed their stations into a festive array of Halloween themes. Popular for the great food, silent auction and live music, by the Kelly McGuire Band, the evening, once again, was a huge success. 

Leading the Munster and Addams families on to victory, our own Eddie Harper won the Best Table Decorated Table award.

Listen in as Talk of the Bay as we have fun with some folks at the event and be sure to check out the fun photos.  Fun Shop Seabrook

Many thanks to the great folks at The Fun Shop for the awesome decorations.


Best Appetizer - Mike Lord - Intertek Caleb-Brett - Crab Corn Chowder

Best Side - Keil Cornett & Gerard Cornett - Smokin' Woodpeckers - Pinto Beans

Best Entre’ - Alan Franks - Crazy Alan's Swamp Shack - Shrimp & Oyster Diablo

Best Dessert - Jon Keeney - Claridata Corp - Bread Pudding

Best Rodeo Texas Dish - Rick Clapp - The Bay Group - The Blue Collar Chefs Tamales w/ Carolina Chavez Salsa

Crowd Pleaser - Rocky Mauldin - HLS&R Lifetime Committeeman - Chicken & Dumplings

Best Table Decorations ~ Eddie Harper and Gary Douglas ~ and The Fun Shop of Seabrook

102810_0257 102810_0258 102810_0259 102810_0260
102810_0257.jpg 102810_0258.jpg 102810_0259.jpg 102810_0260.jpg
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102810_0261.jpg 102810_0262.jpg 102810_0263.jpg 102810_0264.jpg
102810_0265 102810_0266 102810_0267 102810_0268
102810_0265.jpg 102810_0266.jpg 102810_0267.jpg 102810_0268.jpg
102810_0269 102810_0270 102810_0271 102810_0272
102810_0269.jpg 102810_0270.jpg 102810_0271.jpg 102810_0272.jpg
102810_0273 102810_0274 102810_0275 102810_0276
102810_0273.jpg 102810_0274.jpg 102810_0275.jpg 102810_0276.jpg
102810_0277 102810_0278 102810_0279 102810_0280
102810_0277.jpg 102810_0278.jpg 102810_0279.jpg 102810_0280.jpg
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102810_0281.jpg 102810_0282.jpg 102810_0283.jpg 102810_0284.jpg
102810_0285 102810_0286 102810_0287 102810_0288
102810_0285.jpg 102810_0286.jpg 102810_0287.jpg 102810_0288.jpg
102810_0289 102810_0290 102810_0291 102810_0292
102810_0289.jpg 102810_0290.jpg 102810_0291.jpg 102810_0292.jpg
102810_0293 102810_0294 102810_0295 102810_0296
102810_0293.jpg 102810_0294.jpg 102810_0295.jpg 102810_0296.jpg
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102810_0298.jpg 102810_0299.jpg 102810_0300.jpg 102810_0301.jpg
102810_0304 102810_0305 102810_0306 102810_0307
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102810_0308.jpg 102810_0309.jpg 102810_0310.jpg 102810_0311.jpg
102810_0312 102810_0313 102810_0314 102810_0316
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102810_0318.jpg 102810_0319.jpg 102810_0321.jpg 102810_0323.jpg
102810_0324 102810_0326 102810_0327 102810_0328
102810_0324.jpg 102810_0326.jpg 102810_0327.jpg 102810_0328.jpg
102810_0331 102810_0332 102810_0334 102810_0336
102810_0331.jpg 102810_0332.jpg 102810_0334.jpg 102810_0336.jpg
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IMG_6858.jpg IMG_6859.jpg IMG_6860.jpg IMG_6861.jpg
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IMG_6862.jpg IMG_6863.jpg IMG_6864.jpg IMG_6865.jpg
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IMG_6889.jpg IMG_6890.jpg IMG_6893.jpg IMG_6894.jpg
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IMG_6895.jpg IMG_6897.jpg IMG_6898.jpg IMG_6899.jpg
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IMG_6953.jpg IMG_6954.jpg IMG_6955.jpg IMG_6957.jpg
IMG_6958 IMG_6959 IMG_6960 IMG_6961
IMG_6958.jpg IMG_6959.jpg IMG_6960.jpg IMG_6961.jpg
IMG_6962 IMG_6963 IMG_6965 IMG_6966
IMG_6962.jpg IMG_6963.jpg IMG_6965.jpg IMG_6966.jpg
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IMG_6967.jpg IMG_6968.jpg IMG_6969.jpg IMG_6970.jpg
IMG_6971 IMG_6972 IMG_6973 IMG_6974
IMG_6971.jpg IMG_6972.jpg IMG_6973.jpg IMG_6974.jpg
IMG_6977 IMG_6978 IMG_6980 IMG_6981
IMG_6977.jpg IMG_6978.jpg IMG_6980.jpg IMG_6981.jpg
IMG_6982 IMG_6983 IMG_6984 IMG_6986
IMG_6982.jpg IMG_6983.jpg IMG_6984.jpg IMG_6986.jpg
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IMG_6987.jpg IMG_6988.jpg IMG_6990.jpg IMG_6992.jpg
IMG_6994 IMG_6995 IMG_6996 IMG_6997
IMG_6994.jpg IMG_6995.jpg IMG_6996.jpg IMG_6997.jpg
IMG_6998 IMG_6999 IMG_7002 IMG_7003
IMG_6998.jpg IMG_6999.jpg IMG_7002.jpg IMG_7003.jpg
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IMG_7004.jpg IMG_7006.jpg IMG_7007.jpg IMG_7008.jpg
IMG_7009 IMG_7010 IMG_7011 IMG_7012
IMG_7009.jpg IMG_7010.jpg IMG_7011.jpg IMG_7012.jpg
IMG_7014 IMG_7015 IMG_7016 IMG_7018
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