Herbert's Fun Shop Seabrook

2114 Seabrook Circle, Seabrook

www.FUN-SHOP.com ~ 281-291-0707

the Fun Shop Seabrook Texas

The Fun Shop  2114 Seabrook Circle, Seabrook 281-291-0707

It’s the season of ghosts, goblins and ghouls and if you’re looking for a costume of accessories you have got to get yourself over to The Fun Shop.  Gary and crew have gone crazy with ghoulish fun. They have everything from Marilyn Ghoul, Elvis Ghoul, a Ghoul race car driver and Dancing Ghoul Pole Girls…REALLY??? Dancing Ghoul Pole Girls???…and to top it off, no pun intended there is a 6 foot Ghoul Head!

And if all of that wasn’t enough there are collectable Draculas, a Collectable Grave Digger and Hanging cocoons.   Okay, so if you’re into the ghoulish side of Halloween, you already KNOW you need to head over to The Fun Shop located in Seabrook just off 146!  Check it out!

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