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November 4 thru 7 – Lone Star Rally – Galveston

The island of Galveston, primarily along the Strand and the Seawall was filled with motorcyclists enjoying a great weekend of fun. Thousands of motorcycles lined the streets, like a sea of shiny chrome and black leather. With approximately 400 thousand riders and friends attending the rally the hotels in Galveston filled quickly and restaurants were at capacity; a great economic benefit to the island. Even more than the financial benefits the promoters of this event were excited about showing that Galveston is still a great place to visit. The rally is also a huge help to the Toys For Tots.

Friday, a very special parade, starting on the Seawall, made its way down to the Strand. Leading this honorary procession was a flag flown at Ground Zero following the September 11th tragedy. A ceremony in honor of the heroes of that day was held on Pier 21. Saturday, thousands of motorcyclists, including the San Jacinto High Rollers, joined Outlaw Dave’s Ranch Ride. This huge procession, escorted by Houston police officers, could be seen for miles rolling down the Gulf Freeway heading to the Lone Star Rally in Galveston. A fund raiser for the Stevens & Pruett’s Ranch for Children and Animals, Outlaw Dave vowed to make this the largest contribution yet.

Listen in as Talk of the Bay visits with Rolf Schaumburger of, Steven Stanley, of Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc., and Mark Gray, one of the promoters of the Lone Star Rally.

Be sure to check out our Wiredin To Wine segment, where Rolf Schaumburger will be recommend great wines and beer for every occasion along with great gift ideas and recipes for martinis, margaritas and other surprises.

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