photos by Eddie Harper

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December 12 - Clear Lake Christmas Boat Lane Parade – Clear Lake                                              gallery 1      gallery 2      award brunch

Thousands of spectators lined the edges of Clear Lake to watch the 48th annual Christmas Boat Lane Parade. Both sail and motor boats floated past the judges’ stand in hopes of capturing the top prize.

There were teams and individuals that have participated for more than 20 years, there were creative themes and designs there were amazing. One even had a snowman that was at least 40’ tall…good thing that Kemah bridge is so high. There were boats that honored our military and boats with flying pigs.

Listen in as Shari Sweeney, of the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, visits with Talk of the Bay about this wonderful bay area tradition.

Special thanks to CareFree Boat Club for hosting the Chamber’s Chairman of the Board, Michael Divine.

For more information about the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce visit .

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