photos by Eddie, Paul, and Jim

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December 4 thru 6 - Holiday In The Park – League City                           daytime shots     gallery 1     gallery 2     gallery 3     gallery 4

The kiddos gathered at Butler’s Courtyard for the start of the Candy Cane Parade. Little ones were dressed for this wonderful holiday season. The temperatures were cold but the sun was out and the Christmas spirit warmed everyone. The kids marched their way through the park, over the bridge and straight to Santa’s lap.

Later in the evening, Main Street was filled with thousands of onlookers waiting for The Grand Christmas Parade. This year’s parade was in honor of Lynn Gripon of Lynn’s Landscaping; the Gripon family members led the parade as Grand Marshalls.

Listen in as parade organizer Pat Hallisey tells Talk of the Bay about his expectations. Congratulations to the League City Proud organization for their many hours of hard work. Well done!

The Holiday In The Park Parade Award Winners for 2009 are: click here!

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IMG_6845.jpg IMG_6846.jpg IMG_6847.jpg IMG_6848.jpg
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IMG_6857.jpg IMG_6858.jpg IMG_6859.jpg IMG_6861.jpg
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