Herbert's Fun Shop Seabrook

2114 Seabrook Circle, Seabrook



photos by Eddie Harper

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The Fun Shop – Seabrook

One of the best Fun Shops, in the bay area and beyond, is in our own backyard. Herbert’s Fun Shop, aka The International Fun Shop and aka The Fun Shop is located at 2114 Seabrook Circle. The key phrase here is Fun!

Gary Douglas and his wife Marilyn have been in this business for over 20 years. They carry costumes for all occasions, accessories for your costumes and a huge inventory of stage makeup.

They also carry stage lighting, DJ Lighting, DMX Lighting, LED Lighting, Lighting Systems and Packages. Obviously this is not limited to theatres and stages but also something to look at for your own home media rooms.

And Mardi Gras is a specialty at The Fun Shop. Beads of every color, shape, size and design, even customized orders, and parade throws galore. Marilyn makes beautiful customized masks and head pieces, each original and wonderfully gorgeous; just ask Eddie!

Listen in as Gary tells Talk of the Bay about The Fun Shop. Remember The Fun Shop, is where you will find everything you’ll need for your next event, party, wedding or theatrical production.

Editor’s Note: We have a special fun reward for the first person that correctly tells who ‘Herbert’ is in Herbert’s Fun Shop! Just send you answer to Chiquita@Wiredin.cc

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