photos by Eddie Harper

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December 2 – Festival of Trees Style Show – League City

Tables were nestled under the twinkling lights of beautifully decorated Christmas trees. Excited about the upcoming fashion show, guests arrived for the Holiday by the Bay Style Show and Luncheon in the Crystal Ballroom at South Shore Harbour.

Beautiful fashions from Back Bay Boutique, The Clothes Horse, Dillards, and Jill’s Fashions & Bridal allowed this style show to take on a life of its own. Everything from festive holiday outfits to Ed Hardy funky rock looks; from sultry animal jungle prints to beautiful evening gowns; all were included in this fun show of fashion. Listen in as Danielle Smith, the event producer, tells Talk of the Bay about the production.

Following the fashion show was a luncheon and a live auction called by our very own ‘celebrity auctioneer’ Eddie Harper. Fun was had by all. Mark this one on your calendar for next year!

Want to adopt a Christmas tree this season? Here’s how…

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IMG_6028 IMG_6030 IMG_6033 IMG_6034
IMG_6028.jpg IMG_6030.jpg IMG_6033.jpg IMG_6034.jpg
IMG_6035 IMG_6037 IMG_6038 IMG_6040
IMG_6035.jpg IMG_6037.jpg IMG_6038.jpg IMG_6040.jpg
IMG_6042 IMG_6043 IMG_6045 IMG_6046
IMG_6042.jpg IMG_6043.jpg IMG_6045.jpg IMG_6046.jpg
IMG_6047 IMG_6048 IMG_6049 IMG_6051
IMG_6047.jpg IMG_6048.jpg IMG_6049.jpg IMG_6051.jpg
IMG_6053 IMG_6054 IMG_6056 IMG_6057
IMG_6053.jpg IMG_6054.jpg IMG_6056.jpg IMG_6057.jpg
IMG_6058 IMG_6059 IMG_6060 IMG_6064
IMG_6058.jpg IMG_6059.jpg IMG_6060.jpg IMG_6064.jpg
IMG_6068 IMG_6069 IMG_6070 IMG_6072
IMG_6068.jpg IMG_6069.jpg IMG_6070.jpg IMG_6072.jpg
IMG_6073 IMG_6078 IMG_6079  
IMG_6073.jpg IMG_6078.jpg IMG_6079.jpg