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December 2 thru December 4 – Festival of Trees – League City

Each year for the Festival of Trees, individuals, organizations, businesses, and clubs come together to decorate more than 40 Christmas trees; each tree has an individual and unique look and theme.

These beautiful trees are used to line the Crystal Ballroom at the South Shore Harbour Resort for the Interfaith Caring Ministry’s (ICM) Festival of Trees. Both a Style Show Luncheon and Holiday Gala are held amongst these wonderfully decorated trees.

Then starting December 5, these trees will be adopted out to folks that want to enjoy a beautifully decorated Christmas tree without the time and effort of decorating one. The trees range from 4’ – 10’ and adoption prices range from $250 - $1000; and they are worth every penny.

Listen in as Annette Dwyer, Executive Director for ICM, tells Talk of the Bay about how you can adopt a gorgeous Christmas Tree.

Please visit ICM at or call 281-332-3881 to find out more information. Happy Holidays!

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