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Anita's Cut-A-Thon League City Texas 12/1/2010

On December 1st Anita's Cut Above Hair Design hosted a Cut a Thon to benefit The Sentinels of Freedom Gulf Coast. The event was held at Anita’s Salon located at 2660 Marina Bay Dr League City, TX between the hours of 4 pm and 8 pm. The top notch hair designers of Anita’s donated 100 percent of all the money collected for hair services to the Sentinels Foundation. Team members were Anita Jones, Lisa Vogel, Kyla Wight, Mary Lou Zacatelco, Kim Woodard, Liz Dress and a special guest designer Angela Fanos from The Naked Cupcake. Anita’s dream team raised over $1,100 in four hours and had a great time hosting and participating in this event.

The Sentinels of Freedom Foundation provides a severely injured man or woman serving in the U.S Armed Forces recently returning from combat with injuries sustained after 9/11, with a four year life scholarship and mentoring program to support a successful return to civilian life while facing their new physical and emotional challenges. This scholarship will provide rent-free or mortgage free housing, career placement with training/education, a vehicle adapted for special needs, and financial plus personal mentorship for four years.

The Sentinels Board of Directors and some committee members were also present to support and co host this benefit with Anita and her staff. The selected Sentinel for 2010, Cpl Donny Daughenbaugh, USMC was there to greet and thank the community for their support and to get to know his new neighbors.

JSC Federal Credit Union donated their popcorn machine for this event and Becky Day of JSCFCU did a great job popping and serving the popcorn. Robin Daniels of South Shore Smoothie King sent a tray of smoothies for our guests to enjoy and the Naked Cupcake supplied holiday cupcakes to sample. Two tables of raffle items were donated by many local businesses to help support this worthy cause.

For more information about the Sentinels of Freedom Gulf Coast go to  
Or call 832-588-6959.

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