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December 4 | Battle of the Badges | Galveston ~ gallery 2 check out all the 1 ~ gallery 2 ~ gallery 3 ~ gallery 4

Event goers poured into the Moody Gardens Convention Center and ‘sold out’ signs were posted to the doors as seating became hard to find. The crowd of more than 4100 roared as referees, ring girls and the boxers were introduced. The Red Team represented the Galveston Fire & Rescue, EMS, and Beach Patrol, and the Blue Team represented Galveston Police, and County Sheriff’s Office; the excitement was mounting; the 2010 Battle of the Badges was on!

Seventeen matches made up this year’s competition; including 2 female matches. Each bout was 3 minutes long with a minute break between rounds. The 60 second rounds were exhilarating for the crowd, exhausting for the boxers and intense for all. Some of the punches were high, some were completely off target but when a solid blow hit its target the crowd came out of their seats; at times the noise was absolutely deafening. 
Even during the rest periods, as the ring girls circled the ropes; coaches and supporters shouted last minute commands to their boxers.  

Judges from the USA Boxing Association sat ring side scoring each boxer on the number of good hits they got in. At the end of each fight, scores were tallied and the winner’s hand was raised high as the crowd cheered on. In the end, between the number of bouts won and total scores it ended in a tie between the Red Team and the Blue Team; once again the entire crowd stood and cheered; these are all hometown heroes fighting for the same cause; to raise funds for the Galveston’s Boys & Girls Club. 

Enjoy the amazing photos and video from Talk of the Bay; Eddie was literally hanging on the ropes getting some awesome shots. Congratulations to Engineer Jim Williams, a Galveston Firefighter and Officer Lewis Jackson of the Galveston Police Department for putting on an awesome event. And special thanks to Officer Scott Pena, Galveston Crime Scene Investigation; it was great working with you, we are looking forward to next year’s event.

AMOCO Federal Credit Union is a proud sponsor of the Galveston Island – “Battle of the Badges”. AMOCO Federal Credit Union is a member-owned financial institution. We have been serving the needs of our Amoco Federal Credit Unionmembers and community since 1937 and believe strongly in the philosophy of people helping people. Our spirit to give back has inspired the “Together, we can do good” campaign which was developed to help raise money, awareness, and collect non-perishable goods that will be distributed to five Galveston County food pantries. Make a difference today and visit for complete details. When you choose AMOCO, you’ll experience service that is “all about you”. Visit to find out how you join!

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