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December 1 – Festival of Trees Fashion Show & Luncheon | League City

Celebrating their Silver Anniversary, Interfaith Caring Ministries is dedicated to serving our community by providing assistance leading to a path of self-efficiency. The Festival of Trees serves as a wonderful holiday fund raiser for ICM. 

The Crystal Ballroom at the South Shore Harbour Resort was filled with beautiful twinkling lights, big beautiful bows and candy canes. There were beautiful holiday decorated wreaths and gorgeous Christmas trees were lined up against the walls turning the ballroom into a wonderland of holiday spirit. 

The fashion show kicked off the event with models representing foundations throughout the bay area. It was obvious to see that each model was filled with Christmas glee as she walked the catwalk presenting her chosen attire. Many thanks to our bay area boutiques providing the beautiful fashions: Adelaide’s, Back Bay Boutique Dillard’s, Jill’s Fashions & Bridal and The Clothes Horse.   

Before, during and following the fashion show was a huge silent auction; one of kind art pieces, rounds of golf, jewelry, clothing, everything you could think of was on those tables. Judge Louie Ditta presided over the live auction which brought some feisty and entertaining bidding. It was an afternoon of joy and holiday giving raising much needed funds for ICM. check out the photos brought to you by Black Rose Steel...

Editor’s Note:Black Rose Steel
Wiredin would like to thank Ann Hacker for underwriting the video and photos for this event. Ann is President and Principle Operator of Black Rose Steel and Trading, founded in 1990. A philanthropist, Ann has contributed to numerous foundations and charities throughout the bay area. Ann’s alter ego, Bernice, brings out her very playful side of charitable giving and concern for the well-being of the bay area.


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