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Eddie Harper, Paul Fjelsta, Stan Goldstein

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December 3 & 4 – Holiday In The Park – League City

Friday night, League Park was filled with twinkling lights as the wonderful smell of popcorn drifting through the air.  Mickey, Minnie, Daisy and Donald were all on the big movie screen at  to kick off the annual Holiday In the Park celebration. 

Saturday morning, with the little ones dressed in their favorite holiday outfits, magical elves escorted the children in the traditional Candy Cane Parade.  Starting near Butler’s Courtyard the procession made its way down the street, past the fire station, through League Park, over the tiny wooden bridge and straight to the lap of the big jolly guy himself, Santa. The rest of the morning was spent making sure that Santa knew exactly what each and every child wanted for Christmas morning

That evening, excitement mounted as tens of thousands of parade watchers lined the streets waiting for the exciting holiday parade.  This year’s parade was led by the Groce family who shared the honor of being the 2010 Holiday In The Park Grand Marshalls.  Following the Grand Marshalls, were dozens of parade entrants, many stopping in front of the judges to perform and show off their holiday spirit. 

Throughout the weekend, the park was filled with vendors offering unique gift ideas and yummy things to eat and drink.  Now in its second decade, this holiday tradition is organized and hosted by League City Proud.  Trim-A-Slab League City TX

Thanks to League City’s own Trim-A-Slab for helping to bring this video of fun to you. Happy holidays to you and your family from everyone at Trim-A-Slab. It's the best way to improve the looks of your driveway. Trim-A-Slab installs incredibly fast, looks great, and can be easily removed and replaced for outdoor lighting wires. Happy Holidays from everyone at Trim-A-Slab! 

Enjoy the photos from capturing some of the fun of this bay area holiday tradition and be sure to sign up for our weekly eTalk of the Bay newsletter (top right corner of the page header).  We’ll keep you Wiredin to all the fun and entertainment in the bay area. Holiday in the Park gallery 1 ~ Holiday in the Park gallery 2

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