Krewe Du Lac Kemah TX

photos by
Eddie Harper & Paul Fjelsta

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December 3 - Krewe du Lac Pub Crawl  - Kemah

A Kemah police truck was completely filled with toys donated by more than 150 friends enjoying a great time together. The annual Kemah pub crawl hosted by Krewe du Lac, the official krewe of Kemah, started at T-Bone Tom’s and made its way through the city’s Lighthouse District stopping to enjoy a brew or two; celebrating the upcoming holidays. For more information about the Krewe du Lac, call 832-771-7661 or visit   Enjoy the photos from capturing some of the antics of this fun loving group and be sure to sign up for our weekly eTalk of the Bay newsletter, where we’ll keep you Wiredin to all the fun and entertainment in the bay area.

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