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Eddie Harper

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December 6 thru 10 – Holiday Celebrations – Bay Area

The week was filled with holiday gatherings; a time for being with friends and family. We had the opportunity to attend a couple of these celebrations. 

The first was the League City Chambers Holiday Celebration at the Butler Longhorn Museum; even the Longhorns got into this one. White Christmas played in the theatre area as League City residents, friends and business folks took time out of their busy schedules to enjoy the movie and each other. 

Wednesday night was a very special evening filled with all the reasons that we truly celebrate the holidays; it was Christmas in the Village…Hope Village, in Friendswood. The Hope Village Bell Choir charmed guests with their performance. Following the bells, was a three part Christmas program starting with The Nativity  where Villagers played the traditional roles of Joseph, Mary, the Wisemen and Angels. Part two added yummy sweetness with The Chocolate Factory and featured songs like Oompa Loompa and Candy Man performed wonderfully by the Hope Village Choir. The crowd cheered as Willie Wonka turned over his chocolate factory to Charlie and his Grandfather Joe.
The final segment, Here Comes Santa, brought in Frosty, Rudolph and the big jolly guy himself, Santa. The evening was perfect! 

Many thanks to everyone  who tirelessly donated their talents and time to make this show possible and to AMOCO Federal Credit Union for their continued generous support of Hope Village. Enjoy the photos...

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