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photos by
Eddie Harper

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February 23 – Trail Riders Dinner Dance – Nassau Bay

The day started off overcast and chilly but things brightened up as the trail riders originating in Brazoria County, rode into Webster.  By the time the sun set they had circled around the Gilruth Center and settled in for an overnight stay. 

Each year the Clear Creek, NASA, Friendswood Go Texan rodeo committee treats these rodeo goers to a special dinner from Carrabba’s Italian Grill, some live C&W music and a couple of great auctions; this year was no exception.  Alice Lyons, the event coordinator put together a great welcome for these special guests. 

In the morning, the folks from NASA will be serving the riders a wonderful warm breakfast as they send them on their way, heading to the Pasadena Fairgrounds.  They’ll overnight once again and then make their way to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo for the Big Show!

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IMG_4058.jpg IMG_4059.jpg IMG_4060.jpg IMG_4061.jpg
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