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January 16 – A Carnival of Cirque – Nassau Bay

Opening the evening was the bay area’s own MacKenzie Mellen performing ‘Tomorrow’. MacKenzie is 11 years old, a pint sized artist with a wonderfully huge voice. She has been taking singing and dancing lessons from Bay Area Houston Ballet & Theater’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts since she was five years old.

Following MacKenzie was a tribute to The Arts Alliance Outstanding Artist, Dr. Tina Farrell. Dr. Farrell’s creative energy is focused on the development of the arts for children. And Gene Hollier and Emmeline Dodd were awarded as the Outstanding Friend(s) of the Arts. Between their international travels, active participation in the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Emmeline and Gene also find time to generously give back to the bay area community. 

The featured entertainment of the evening was the Cirque Magnifique. An award winning international Canadian circus/cirque theatre company, their style is a combination of acrobatic and circus acts enthusiastic music with clowns and mimes entertaining guests. This wonderful evening included amazing performances by  Jean-Francois Martel, a former gymnast. Jean-Francois performed the Mystic Cube act, twirling and balancing a huge cube.  He also partnered with Christian Paquest to perform their world famous Acrobazia, a hand to hand balancing act. From the tight rope walker to the comedy boxing match, the evening was mesmerizing. 

Listen in as Mary Williams, event coordinator, tells Talk of the Bay how the funds raised from this evening will benefit TAACCL throughout the upcoming year. 

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