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October 21–23, 2011 | Re/Max Balunar Liftoff Festival | Nassau Bay ~ Gallery 2

Lifting space exploration to new heights the 2011 Re/Max Ballunar Liftoff Festival was a day filled with aeronautic excitement. Opening ceremonies on Friday night included the United States flag flying high from a Re/Max hot air balloon as the Star Spangled Banner played in the background. At the end of the national anthem, balloonist flared their burners creating a beautiful magic like glow across the grounds.

Early Saturday morning, balloons lifted off from spots around Clear Lake, participating in the Fly In Task competition. Each pilot used his or her navigation skills to bring their balloon closest to the targets marked for the games. Several of the balloonists did well in dropping their sand bag over the marked spot but only one captain managed to place his hula hoop over the nose of the inflated upright rocket. Ron Frusher of the “Spirit of Curves” made the task look simple as he floated past the rocket and gently place the hoop over the nose cone to win $2500. 

Throughout the weekend, Astronauts signed autographs, visitors toured the Johnson Space Center, rocket scientists shot rockets high into the air and skydivers fell from the sky and landed gently in front of the crowds. Truly a fun filled weekend for the entire family, the ReMax Ballunar Liftoff Festival is one to put on your calendar for next year. gallery 1 ~ gallery 2 ~ gallery 3

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IMG_4600.jpg IMG_4601.jpg IMG_4602.jpg IMG_4603.jpg
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IMG_4605.jpg IMG_4606.jpg IMG_4607.jpg IMG_4608.jpg
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