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Centex Homes | New Just for You Paint Party | Houston, Texas

One of the many great things to look forward to when buying a new home is adding your own special touch to it and making it all yours. Just one of the ways to do that is with paint! Folks touring Centex Homes recently at their New Just for You Paint Party got a chance to see the fresh new designs that Centex offers and also learned some painting tips from Sherwin Williams. Check out the video for a recap of some of the paint tips and take a peek at the photos from the event and all the great Centex Homes and communities here in Houston. For more information, go to

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With a focus on experiences, Connecting Houston Home brings together consumers, REALTORS®, home builders, developers, and other industry professionals connecting them to real estate in a deeper manner. Through experiential video promotions shared through social media, newsletters and more, we feature the true connections of life at home, in a community and around the area covering how each benefit the lives of those who reside in them

We believe that life is about living and much of that living is done in our homes and communities so it stands to reason that we should place top priority on where we choose to live, how we choose to live and how we go about doing it all. Connecting Houston Home is here to do just that. It’s new, fresh and it’s necessary! For more information, connect with us at

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