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December 12 thru December 18 | Christmas in Kemah | Kemah

Christmas cheer will fill the air as Santa will be walking in the district with candy for all and posing for photos and of course listening to all the girls and boys wish lists. The holiday spirit will be plentiful with musicians, strolling minstrels, choirs, dancers, bands, story-telling, costume characters, refreshments, face painters and much more.

Back by popular demand is “Blizzard on the Bay” where Kemah turns into a winter wonderland on December 17 with 20,000 lbs. of snow for children of all ages.  Make a snow ball, make a snow angel or even a snowman, just come out and enjoy!  There will also be Storytellers and costumed characters on hand telling various Christmas stories.

Santa’s Secret Shopper Treasure Hunt is a must on your holiday to-do list; a fun way of visiting the Kemah shops and winning great door prizes from the Kemah shops. The drawings will be held at the end of the event.
December 17  -

Kemah’s fun and exciting events have truly made it a holiday and shopping destination. Come “stay and play on the bay” this holiday season with these free Christmas in Kemah festivities for the whole family.
For more information on all these activities or to confirm times contact the Kemah visitor Center at 281-334-3181 or the Kemah Merchants Association 281-538-4165. For lodging call the Kemah Visitor Center or refer to www.KemahTourism.com.

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