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March 6, 2011 – Barkus and Meoux Parade | Galveston

Every year, there always seems to be a beautiful day set aside just for the Pet Parade, hosted by the Krewe of Barkus and Meaoux and the Firefighter’s Children’s Parade; this year was no exception. The warmer temperatures were wonderful after Saturday night’s chilly temps and blowing winds. 

This year’s pet parade was so much fun to watch. Dogs of every color and size were dressed in costumes to match their humans. Cats, hens, ferrets, a goat, and even a huge boa constrictor were led, carried, rolled, pushed and pulled down the seawall; actually sometimes it was difficult to tell who was leading whom but everyone had a wonderful time. 

The Children’s Parade followed directly after the Pet Parade. Kids from all around the bay area community participated; many wearing themed costumes; they were of course all adorable. And to top off the fun, the Philadelphia Mummers joined the parade which of course was a huge hit. 

Enjoy the highlights of Sunday’s parades on Talk of the Bay.

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