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March 17 – Hooters to Horns | Bay Area ~ gallery 1

The last Yee Haaw for the NASA, Clear Creek, Friendswood Metro Go Texan Committee was a huge hit.  Green furry cowboy hats, sparkling vests and even green hair; were all part of the duds worn by some 500 bus riders all heading to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. 

Hooters To Horns, is ten bus loads of fun loving people meeting at Hooters for wings and beer then partying their way to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo in buses.  Raffles, auctions and even trivia contests are part of the party agenda while raising funds for the Livestock Show scholarship fund.  Arriving at Reliant Stadium the buses unload and everyone was free to enjoy all the rodeo action, the private Chute Club and of course Zac Brown, live in concert.  After the concert the buses headed back to Hooters.    

All of us on Bus #5, hosted by Wiredin.cc, would sincerely like to thank our friends at Anita’s Cut Above Hair Design and Planet Beach of League City for the fab gift certificates, Beam Global for the ‘Beam and Bling’ basket, Floors Today for the cases of water and our own Rolfe Schaumburger of Wiredin to Wine for the great Wine basket.  We would also like to extend huge thank you to CJ at the Colosseum Italian Restaurant & Catering for the wonderful trays of sandwiches, sliders, and wraps and especially for the awesome chocolate rum balls. YUMMY!! Check out the pics! Gallery 1 ~ Gallery 2

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