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March 26, 2011– Passport to the World of Wine | Friendswood

Guests at the Hope Village Passport To The World Of Wine event enjoyed the fruits of the vines; from sparkling wines to wonderful ports.  Along with the wonders of the world of wine was a wonderful assortment of appetizers and buffet with a choice of selections.  Keeping things fun and light hearted, there was a special visit by two artists from Performance Pizzazz, characters that can best be described through photos.  We’re also very proud to say that our own Eddie Harper conducted the very lively and fun live auction where funds were raised to help offset living costs for the residents of Hope Village.  Included in the auction were a week’s stay in a condo on Lake Conroe, a wonderful wine cooler and of course several bottles of exceptional wines. 

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we have some fun at the Passport To The World of Wine.

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