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April 1 thru 3 – Memorial Hermann Kemah Triathlon | Kemah ~ gallery 1

More than 1400 athletes converged on the little town of Kemah for a weekend of athletic competitions. Friday, April 1 served as a welcoming time where contestants could complete their registration and then enjoy an evening of camaraderie. Early Saturday morning the competitions started. The sprint distance triathlon tested the fast twitch muscles of the athletes as they raced through the swimming, biking, and running components. Traveling over the Kemah bridge several times, for both the bike and run proved to be quite the challenge. 

Sunday brought yet another day of competition for both pro and amateur athletes. The international distance tri started with a 1500 meter swim. The athletes boarded the Colonel, out of Galveston, and were taken out to the bay. Once in place, they waited for sunrise before jumping from the boat. Swimming ashore at 7th street, the competitors followed the red carpet to the transition area staged at the Kemah Visitors Center parking lot. The bicycles belonging to the pro athletes, who came in from around the world to compete for the $32,000 cash prize, were lined along the edges while the amateurs were organized in the center of the huge transition area.

The second leg, a 40K cycling challenge was an out and back course. Athletes were required to run/walk/carry their bikes to the ‘mount/dismount’ area where every contortion of climbing on/off a bicycle occurred.

The final leg, a 10K run over the Kemah Bridge twice, took the competitors through the entire Kemah Boardwalk and back to the Visitors Center, through the finish line. 

Listen in as Talk of the Bay visited with one of the award winning competitors. Bookmark and Share

Concurrently, with the triathlon there was a 5K and 1K Kids Run.  We’d like to send a special congratulation out to Domino Taylor for completing her first, but not the last, 5K. You go girl! Check out the pics… gallery 1 ~ gallery 2Kemah TX

Breeze into Kemah, The Gateway to the Bay

Kemah Visitor Center 604 Bradford  Kemah, TX 77565  887-775-3624   www.kemah-tx.gov  


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