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May 20 thru 22 - Strawberry Festival | Pasadena ~ Sponsor Reception and gallery 1 of Parade Photos

Ready for BIG FUN? May 20-22nd make plans to attend the 38th Annual Pasadena Strawberry Festival on the Pasadena Fairgrounds, where “Viva Las Berries” is happening with the World’s Largest Strawberry Shortcake, Mud Volleyball tournament, Cook off, Helicopter Rides, Jugglers, Magic shows, Thrill shows, Alligator show, Pig Races, Arts & Crafts, Foods of all kinds, Children’s area, Petting zoo, Pony rides, Guitar Hero contest, Ice Skating, Motorcycle Stunt Show, Washer Pitch Contest, Teen Area, Wine Tasting, Beer Tastings, Carnival, Shopping 300 vendors, and you know everyone that’s anyone will be there. Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we visit with event director, Bert Muston.

Live Entertainment includes:
Main Stage Artists – Aaron Watson Friday night, Eli Young Band Saturday night and Siverado Sunday evening!
Tickets available on line at www.strawberryfest.org or at the gates $10 general admission, Children 0-5 free, Children 6-11 $5 and Senior Adults (55 +) $5

Friday May 20th gates open at 3 pm, Saturday May 21st, 10 am, Sunday May 22nd, 10 am
Proceeds benefit Scholarships, Local non- profits, and Pasadena and Texas Historical projects associated with the San Jacinto Day Foundation.

Don’t miss the fun, fresh strawberries and shortcake, May 20-22nd. For more information visit www.strawberryfest.org

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IMG_3592.jpg IMG_3593.jpg IMG_3594.jpg IMG_3595.jpg
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