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September 4, 2011 | Redfish Raftup | Galveston Bay

This annual Labor Day tradition took on a new twist when faced with the weekend’s challenging weather conditions. With small craft advisories out, the usually crowd of boaters were not able to make it out to Redfish Island. The Star Gazer filled to capacity made its way to the shores near Seabrook to find calmer waters. Kelly McGuire and his award winning band entertained and kept this yacht rockin’ with his great music and fun.
The Star Gazer’s sister craft, the Star Spirit made her way out to Redfish but because of the strong prevailing winds she turned around and sought out a more sheltered spot near the Star Gazer. Together the two yachts celebrated the 2011 Redfish Raftup.

Wiredin.cc and the Galveston Bay Foundation send many, many thanks to Star Fleet for graciously providing the Star Gazer and Star Spirit, San Lorenzo’s Mexican Grill and Cantina for the yummilicious food and the fun dance music by DJ Rocky of Musical Cheers.

Enjoy the photos and video and we’ll see you soon at another Wiredin.cc featured event.

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