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September 10, 2011 | Texas City Music Fest By The Bay | Texas City

With a cool breeze in the air, the Carlos Garza Sports Park, in the heart of Texas City, filled quickly.  Thousands of people carrying lawn chairs and blankets gathered around the stage for the 5th annual Texas City Music Fest By the Bay. The event was a family friendly venue, with festival food, vendors and activities for the kids happening all day long. 

Local favorite, Hamilton Loomis returned this year with his crowd pleasing high energy performance. Headlining this year’s event was the Randy Rogers Band a Texas Country favorite. Festival goers kicked up their heels and two-stepped around the stage.

Put this event on your calendar for next fall; a great time for family and friends and an opportunity to enjoy some finger snapin’, toe tappin’, kick-butt music. 

Enjoy the photos and video and we’ll see you soon at another Wiredin.cc featured event.

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