NGCCC 64th Annual Award Banquet Talk of the Bay
photos by
Eddie Harper and Dennis Hart

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Jan 21, 2012 | NGCCC 64th Annual Awards Banquet | League City

The Roaring 20’s Speakeasy was the theme for the 64th anniversary of the North Galveston County Chamber of Commerce.  Dressed in themed attire, more than 300 guests enjoyed a wonderful dinner, some fancy foot-working music by DJ Mark DuVerney, some lively casino action and a live auction called by our own Eddie Harper.

The evening celebration gave opportunity to recognize local businesses that have been in the community for over 20 years and out-going chamber board members.  Awards were also given to several outstanding business owners. 

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The 2012 Award Winners:
Small Business Award - A.J. Vazquez (The Spa & Wellness Center at South Shore, Texas Spine & Sports Rehab)
Good Neighbor Award - Bay Colony Chiropractic
Citizen of the Year Award - Ann Hacker (Black Rose Steel & Trading)
Community Service Award - Bay Area Harbour Playhouse
Distinguished Service Award - Julie Johnston (City of Dickinson City Administrator)
Ambassador of the Year Award - Thomas Cassano (AFLAC)
President’s Award - Tom Herring (Corporate Quality Printing & Graphics)
President’s Volunteer of the Year Award~ Robin Aleman, Mary Kay
Chairman Special Recognitions - Twila Lindblade, Frank Mistretta, Michael Marr, Kevin Lardie, and Xochi Hurtado

2012 Board Members:

Michael L. Dahlenburg, Attorney @ Law
Mike Grider, TNMP
Ginger Grutzius, Bayshore Gardens
Vicki Holley, Lawyers Title
Doreen Hughes, Mainland Testing
Angela Jenkins, Communities in Schools Bay Area
Julie Johnston, City of Dickinson City Administrator
Kim Keen, ConferenceDirect
Marjorie Kovacevich, UTMB Health
Michael Marr, BP North America, Inc.
Frank Mistretta, Houston Hurricane and Security
Gilbert Okoronkwo
Meredith Pardue, South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center
Marissa Stidham, AMOCO FCU
A.J. Vazquez, The Spa & Wellness Center at South Shore, Texas Spine and Sports Rehab

Board as past chair... Mike Millo (BioEthical Anatomics)

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IMG_1884 IMG_1886 IMG_1890 IMG_1891
IMG_1884.jpg IMG_1886.jpg IMG_1890.jpg IMG_1891.jpg
IMG_1892 IMG_1893 IMG_1894 IMG_1895
IMG_1892.jpg IMG_1893.jpg IMG_1894.jpg IMG_1895.jpg
IMG_1896 IMG_1897 IMG_1898 IMG_1899
IMG_1896.jpg IMG_1897.jpg IMG_1898.jpg IMG_1899.jpg
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IMG_1901.jpg IMG_1902.jpg IMG_1903.jpg IMG_1905.jpg
IMG_1907 IMG_1908 IMG_1909 IMG_1911
IMG_1907.jpg IMG_1908.jpg IMG_1909.jpg IMG_1911.jpg
IMG_1912 IMG_1918 IMG_1922 IMG_1924
IMG_1912.jpg IMG_1918.jpg IMG_1922.jpg IMG_1924.jpg
IMG_1925 IMG_1926 IMG_1927 IMG_1929
IMG_1925.jpg IMG_1926.jpg IMG_1927.jpg IMG_1929.jpg
IMG_1933 IMG_1938 IMG_1940 IMG_1943
IMG_1933.jpg IMG_1938.jpg IMG_1940.jpg IMG_1943.jpg
IMG_8593 IMG_8594 IMG_8595 IMG_8596
IMG_8593.jpg IMG_8594.jpg IMG_8595.jpg IMG_8596.jpg
IMG_8598 IMG_8600 IMG_8602 IMG_8604
IMG_8598.jpg IMG_8600.jpg IMG_8602.jpg IMG_8604.jpg
IMG_8606 IMG_8607 IMG_8611 IMG_8612
IMG_8606.jpg IMG_8607.jpg IMG_8611.jpg IMG_8612.jpg
IMG_8613 IMG_8614 IMG_8615 IMG_8616
IMG_8613.jpg IMG_8614.jpg IMG_8615.jpg IMG_8616.jpg
IMG_8617 IMG_8618 IMG_8619 IMG_8620
IMG_8617.jpg IMG_8618.jpg IMG_8619.jpg IMG_8620.jpg
IMG_8621 IMG_8623 IMG_8627 IMG_8628
IMG_8621.jpg IMG_8623.jpg IMG_8627.jpg IMG_8628.jpg
IMG_8629 IMG_8631 IMG_8632 IMG_8633
IMG_8629.jpg IMG_8631.jpg IMG_8632.jpg IMG_8633.jpg
IMG_8636 IMG_8637 IMG_8638 IMG_8640
IMG_8636.jpg IMG_8637.jpg IMG_8638.jpg IMG_8640.jpg
IMG_8641 IMG_8642 IMG_8643 IMG_8644
IMG_8641.jpg IMG_8642.jpg IMG_8643.jpg IMG_8644.jpg
IMG_8645 IMG_8646 IMG_8647 IMG_8648
IMG_8645.jpg IMG_8646.jpg IMG_8647.jpg IMG_8648.jpg
IMG_8649 IMG_8650 IMG_8651 IMG_8652
IMG_8649.jpg IMG_8650.jpg IMG_8651.jpg IMG_8652.jpg
IMG_8653 IMG_8654 IMG_8655 IMG_8656
IMG_8653.jpg IMG_8654.jpg IMG_8655.jpg IMG_8656.jpg
IMG_8657 IMG_8658 IMG_8659 IMG_8660
IMG_8657.jpg IMG_8658.jpg IMG_8659.jpg IMG_8660.jpg
IMG_8661 IMG_8662 IMG_8663 IMG_8664
IMG_8661.jpg IMG_8662.jpg IMG_8663.jpg IMG_8664.jpg
IMG_8665 IMG_8666 IMG_8667 IMG_8668
IMG_8665.jpg IMG_8666.jpg IMG_8667.jpg IMG_8668.jpg
IMG_8669 IMG_8670 IMG_8671 IMG_8673
IMG_8669.jpg IMG_8670.jpg IMG_8671.jpg IMG_8673.jpg
IMG_8674 IMG_8676 IMG_8677 IMG_8678
IMG_8674.jpg IMG_8676.jpg IMG_8677.jpg IMG_8678.jpg
IMG_8679 IMG_8680 IMG_8681 IMG_8682
IMG_8679.jpg IMG_8680.jpg IMG_8681.jpg IMG_8682.jpg
IMG_8683 IMG_8684 IMG_8685 IMG_8686
IMG_8683.jpg IMG_8684.jpg IMG_8685.jpg IMG_8686.jpg
IMG_8688 IMG_8689 IMG_8690 IMG_8691
IMG_8688.jpg IMG_8689.jpg IMG_8690.jpg IMG_8691.jpg
IMG_8692 IMG_8693 IMG_8694 IMG_8695
IMG_8692.jpg IMG_8693.jpg IMG_8694.jpg IMG_8695.jpg
IMG_8696 IMG_8697 IMG_8700 IMG_8701
IMG_8696.jpg IMG_8697.jpg IMG_8700.jpg IMG_8701.jpg
IMG_8702 IMG_8703 IMG_8704 IMG_8707
IMG_8702.jpg IMG_8703.jpg IMG_8704.jpg IMG_8707.jpg
IMG_8708 IMG_8710 IMG_8711 IMG_8713
IMG_8708.jpg IMG_8710.jpg IMG_8711.jpg IMG_8713.jpg
IMG_8714 IMG_8715 IMG_8716 IMG_8717
IMG_8714.jpg IMG_8715.jpg IMG_8716.jpg IMG_8717.jpg
IMG_8718 IMG_8719 IMG_8722 IMG_8723
IMG_8718.jpg IMG_8719.jpg IMG_8722.jpg IMG_8723.jpg
IMG_8726 IMG_8728 IMG_8729 IMG_8731
IMG_8726.jpg IMG_8728.jpg IMG_8729.jpg IMG_8731.jpg
IMG_8733 IMG_8734 IMG_8735 IMG_8736
IMG_8733.jpg IMG_8734.jpg IMG_8735.jpg IMG_8736.jpg
IMG_8737 IMG_8739 IMG_8742 IMG_8743
IMG_8737.jpg IMG_8739.jpg IMG_8742.jpg IMG_8743.jpg
IMG_8746 IMG_8754 IMG_8758 IMG_8759
IMG_8746.jpg IMG_8754.jpg IMG_8758.jpg IMG_8759.jpg
IMG_8761 IMG_8762 IMG_8764 IMG_8765
IMG_8761.jpg IMG_8762.jpg IMG_8764.jpg IMG_8765.jpg
IMG_8766 IMG_8767 IMG_8768 IMG_8769
IMG_8766.jpg IMG_8767.jpg IMG_8768.jpg IMG_8769.jpg
IMG_8771 IMG_8774 IMG_8775 IMG_8777
IMG_8771.jpg IMG_8774.jpg IMG_8775.jpg IMG_8777.jpg
IMG_8778 IMG_8779 IMG_8780 IMG_8781
IMG_8778.jpg IMG_8779.jpg IMG_8780.jpg IMG_8781.jpg
IMG_8782 IMG_8786 IMG_8788 IMG_8789
IMG_8782.jpg IMG_8786.jpg IMG_8788.jpg IMG_8789.jpg
IMG_8790 IMG_8791 IMG_8792 IMG_8795
IMG_8790.jpg IMG_8791.jpg IMG_8792.jpg IMG_8795.jpg
IMG_8796 IMG_8798 IMG_8799 IMG_8800
IMG_8796.jpg IMG_8798.jpg IMG_8799.jpg IMG_8800.jpg
IMG_8802 IMG_8803 IMG_8805 IMG_8807
IMG_8802.jpg IMG_8803.jpg IMG_8805.jpg IMG_8807.jpg
IMG_8809 IMG_8811 IMG_8812 IMG_8815
IMG_8809.jpg IMG_8811.jpg IMG_8812.jpg IMG_8815.jpg
IMG_8816 IMG_8817 IMG_8818 IMG_8819
IMG_8816.jpg IMG_8817.jpg IMG_8818.jpg IMG_8819.jpg
IMG_8822 IMG_8823 IMG_8824 IMG_8825
IMG_8822.jpg IMG_8823.jpg IMG_8824.jpg IMG_8825.jpg
IMG_8826 IMG_8828 IMG_8829 IMG_8830
IMG_8826.jpg IMG_8828.jpg IMG_8829.jpg IMG_8830.jpg
IMG_8831 IMG_8833 IMG_8834 IMG_8835
IMG_8831.jpg IMG_8833.jpg IMG_8834.jpg IMG_8835.jpg
IMG_8836 IMG_8838 IMG_8840 IMG_8841
IMG_8836.jpg IMG_8838.jpg IMG_8840.jpg IMG_8841.jpg
IMG_8842 IMG_8843 IMG_8844 IMG_8845
IMG_8842.jpg IMG_8843.jpg IMG_8844.jpg IMG_8845.jpg
IMG_8846 IMG_8847 IMG_8848 IMG_8850
IMG_8846.jpg IMG_8847.jpg IMG_8848.jpg IMG_8850.jpg