Veterans Day Talk of the Bay
photos by
Eddie Harper

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November 9 | American Legion Post 554 Riders Honored | League City

Even the youngest of our citizens recognize the importance of showing honor, respect and appreciation for our military.  On November 9, Katie Stefanik, an Elementary School Teacher at Primrose Elementary invited the members of American Legion Post 554 to the school.  In honor of Veterans Day, Ms. Stefanik’s students presented cards and a handmade wooden flag to the riders. Highlights of the day, included the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance and the kids getting to take their pictures on the bed of a Deuce and a Half truck.

The American Legion Post 554 Riders, recently escorted wounded warriors from San Antonio to Kemah for a weekend of fun activities with their families. 

November 10 |U.S.M.C. Birthday Celebration | San Leon

On Saturday, November 10, the American Legion Post 291 in San Leon hosted their annual their U.S.M.C. Birthday Celebration.  Hundreds of enthusiastic folks lined the streets of San Leon as the honorary parade made its way through this waterfront community.  Highlights of the parade included the Texas A&M Honor Guard and Rifle Squad, the Houston Highlanders Pipe and Drum Corp, The Dickinson Marching Gator Band, tactical vehicles and golf carts carrying local veterans and Patriot Guard.
Following the parade, guests gathered at Post 21 for some live entertainment and free BBQ.

More than $14,000 was raised and contributed to the DeBakey V.A. Hospital recreation fund.

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