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February 11 & 18, 2012 | Mardi Gras in Kemah

February 11 – Krewes into Kemah Parade
The city of Kemah celebrated the first weekend of Mardi Gras with a wonderful home town parade.  The Pirates of the Krewe du Lac filled the streets revelry throwing beads and spreading Mardi Gras fun.  Not to be left out some of their ‘pirate’ canine friends joined in on the fun.  The after parade party was held at T-Bone Toms where parade goers continued the fun with Jerry Diaz of Hanna’s Reef. 

February 18 - The Grand Yachty Gras Boat Parade
The 13th Annual Yachty Gras celebration was one to remember for the record.  The community sponsorship support was fantastic. The Sundance Grill hosted the Kick-off Party with great flair.  The Yachty Gras fans turned out in force with 175 plus people attending the annual fundraiser.  A great live and silent auction was held for this year’s charity the Bay Area Veterans Memorial building fund. Kool Hand Luke and Station Break provided New Orleans style Mardi Gras music for all of the joyful revelers. HEB provided a generous “King Cake”sponsorship for  Yachty Gras King Cake Parties for cities and businesses around Clear Lake. This year’s event was topped off with the Judges Party at Outrigger’s Restaurant where the Mayors or City Officials were invited from the Bay Area Houston. At 7 PM sharp the Yachty Gras Grand Night Boat Parade came down Clear Creek Channel with Captain Robert Donley’s boat the “Panacea” as the Lead Boat. Due to tremendous storms and flooding in the area prior to the parade, the amount of boats entered was smaller than usual, but with parade entries, pirate boats and Law Enforcement we had an estimated 40 plus boats. A strong presence was made from the yacht owners with beautiful unusual decorations, entertainment and great music. The Awards Breakfast was held at the Aquarium Restaurant at the Kemah Boardwalk. A heartwarming experience was received by all of the 80 plus that attended. Many positive suggestions and comments were exchanged and enthusiasm for a larger and more beneficial event next year. Thank you to all who worked on the Board and Committees, the Community who took part in the Kick-off Fundraiser Party, the Yacht owners who found the time to decorate your boat for participation in a world class boat parade. Above all a special thanks to our Sponsors who make this event possible and the Law Enforcement Officers who gave their time to make this event safe without an accident for another year.  Laissez les bons temps rouler”

Best of Show  Boat #14 Power     Lone Palm   Owner Jeff Richard
1st Place Sail  Boat #17  Trinity  Owner-Brett Barrett
1st Place Power  Boat #99  Sea Pro CC  Owner-Ed Cooper
2nd Place Sail - Boat # 16  Reliance   Owner- Paul MacDonald
2nd Place Power - Boat #11 Shewanidit Owner - Bill Pope
3rd Place Sail - Boat #72  Southern Star - Owner Bruce Spears
3rd Place Power  Boat # 7  Nauti Gulls - Debbie Stanford Owner

Breeze into Kemah, The Gateway to the Bay Kemah TX

Kemah Visitor Center 604 Bradford  Kemah, TX 77565  887-775-3624   www.kemah-tx.gov 

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Enjoy the fun of Mardi Gras in Kemah, tune into Talk of the Bay.

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