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Galveston Mardi Gras Saturday gal 2 | Galveston

February 10 – 12, 2012 | Mardi Gras – Week 1 | Galveston ~ gallery 1 ~ gallery 2 ~ gallery 3

Friday February 10, Mardi Gras Galveston started off with a bang this year, with an opening parade and acknowledgements from Mardi Gras officials.  Following the ceremonies, the George Mitchell Parade made its way through the downtown area and the fun didn’t stop there. 

Throughout the evening, more than 1500 revelers poured through the gates to participate in the second annual Funky Umbrella Parade through downtown Galveston.  Breaking the world record, the participants with their funky decorated umbrellas danced the Hokey Pokey in front of the Tremont Hotel. 

Saturday started off with the exciting Mystic Krewe of Aquarius Parade with more than 80 units participating. Throughout the day parades flowed through downtown area while live bands entertained the thousands of Mardi Gras attenders. Once the sun set the grand parade hosted by the Krewe of Gambrinus, the Krewe of Brew, made its way down the Galveston seawall, thousands and thousands of bead catchers lined both sides of the street vying for the precious Mardi Gras necklaces.  

Mardi Gras continues through February 21, Fat Tuesday. Be sure to check out Z Krewe and Krewe Babalu’s websites for tickets to their balcony parties, parades, and float rides.

www.ZKrewe.net and www.KreweBabalu.com
Join us on Talk of the Bay and take a look at all the Mardi Gras fun over this first weekend. 

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IMG_5103.jpg IMG_5104.jpg IMG_5105.jpg IMG_5106.jpg
IMG_5107 IMG_5109 IMG_5110 IMG_5111
IMG_5107.jpg IMG_5109.jpg IMG_5110.jpg IMG_5111.jpg
IMG_5112 IMG_5113 IMG_5114 IMG_5116
IMG_5112.jpg IMG_5113.jpg IMG_5114.jpg IMG_5116.jpg
IMG_5118 IMG_5120 IMG_5121 IMG_5123
IMG_5118.jpg IMG_5120.jpg IMG_5121.jpg IMG_5123.jpg
IMG_5124 IMG_5125 IMG_5126 IMG_5127
IMG_5124.jpg IMG_5125.jpg IMG_5126.jpg IMG_5127.jpg
IMG_5128 IMG_5129 IMG_5130 IMG_5131
IMG_5128.jpg IMG_5129.jpg IMG_5130.jpg IMG_5131.jpg
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IMG_5132.jpg IMG_5133.jpg IMG_5134.jpg IMG_5136.jpg
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IMG_5137.jpg IMG_5138.jpg IMG_5139.jpg IMG_5140.jpg
IMG_5141 IMG_5142 IMG_5143 IMG_5144
IMG_5141.jpg IMG_5142.jpg IMG_5143.jpg IMG_5144.jpg
IMG_5147 IMG_5149 IMG_5150 IMG_5151
IMG_5147.jpg IMG_5149.jpg IMG_5150.jpg IMG_5151.jpg
IMG_5154 IMG_5156 IMG_5157 IMG_5158
IMG_5154.jpg IMG_5156.jpg IMG_5157.jpg IMG_5158.jpg
IMG_5159 IMG_5160 IMG_5161 IMG_5162
IMG_5159.jpg IMG_5160.jpg IMG_5161.jpg IMG_5162.jpg
IMG_5165 IMG_5166 IMG_5167 IMG_5168
IMG_5165.jpg IMG_5166.jpg IMG_5167.jpg IMG_5168.jpg
IMG_5169 IMG_5170 IMG_5171 IMG_5172
IMG_5169.jpg IMG_5170.jpg IMG_5171.jpg IMG_5172.jpg
IMG_5173 IMG_5177 IMG_5178 IMG_5179
IMG_5173.jpg IMG_5177.jpg IMG_5178.jpg IMG_5179.jpg
IMG_5180 IMG_5181 IMG_5183 IMG_5185
IMG_5180.jpg IMG_5181.jpg IMG_5183.jpg IMG_5185.jpg
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IMG_5188.jpg IMG_5189.jpg IMG_5192.jpg IMG_5193.jpg
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IMG_5194.jpg IMG_5195.jpg IMG_5196.jpg IMG_5197.jpg
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IMG_5202.jpg IMG_5203.jpg IMG_5204.jpg IMG_5205.jpg
IMG_5206 IMG_5207 IMG_5209 IMG_5210
IMG_5206.jpg IMG_5207.jpg IMG_5209.jpg IMG_5210.jpg
IMG_5212 IMG_5216 IMG_5217 IMG_5218
IMG_5212.jpg IMG_5216.jpg IMG_5217.jpg IMG_5218.jpg
IMG_5219 IMG_5220 IMG_5221 IMG_5222
IMG_5219.jpg IMG_5220.jpg IMG_5221.jpg IMG_5222.jpg
IMG_5224 IMG_5227 IMG_5230 IMG_5231
IMG_5224.jpg IMG_5227.jpg IMG_5230.jpg IMG_5231.jpg
IMG_5232 IMG_5233 IMG_5234 IMG_5236
IMG_5232.jpg IMG_5233.jpg IMG_5234.jpg IMG_5236.jpg
IMG_5237 IMG_5238 IMG_5239 IMG_5240
IMG_5237.jpg IMG_5238.jpg IMG_5239.jpg IMG_5240.jpg
IMG_5241 IMG_5242 IMG_5243 IMG_5245
IMG_5241.jpg IMG_5242.jpg IMG_5243.jpg IMG_5245.jpg
IMG_5246 IMG_5248 IMG_5251 IMG_5254
IMG_5246.jpg IMG_5248.jpg IMG_5251.jpg IMG_5254.jpg
IMG_5255 IMG_5257 IMG_5258 IMG_5259
IMG_5255.jpg IMG_5257.jpg IMG_5258.jpg IMG_5259.jpg
IMG_5260 IMG_5261 IMG_5262 IMG_5263
IMG_5260.jpg IMG_5261.jpg IMG_5262.jpg IMG_5263.jpg
IMG_5266 IMG_5268 IMG_5269 IMG_5272
IMG_5266.jpg IMG_5268.jpg IMG_5269.jpg IMG_5272.jpg
IMG_5273 IMG_5274 IMG_5276 IMG_5277
IMG_5273.jpg IMG_5274.jpg IMG_5276.jpg IMG_5277.jpg
IMG_5278 IMG_5279 IMG_5280 IMG_5281
IMG_5278.jpg IMG_5279.jpg IMG_5280.jpg IMG_5281.jpg
IMG_5283 IMG_5284 IMG_5285 IMG_5286
IMG_5283.jpg IMG_5284.jpg IMG_5285.jpg IMG_5286.jpg
IMG_5289 IMG_5290 IMG_5291 IMG_5292
IMG_5289.jpg IMG_5290.jpg IMG_5291.jpg IMG_5292.jpg
IMG_5295 IMG_5296 IMG_5297 IMG_5298
IMG_5295.jpg IMG_5296.jpg IMG_5297.jpg IMG_5298.jpg
IMG_5299 IMG_5300 IMG_5301 IMG_5302
IMG_5299.jpg IMG_5300.jpg IMG_5301.jpg IMG_5302.jpg
IMG_5304 IMG_5305 IMG_5306 IMG_5307
IMG_5304.jpg IMG_5305.jpg IMG_5306.jpg IMG_5307.jpg
IMG_5308 IMG_5309 IMG_5310 IMG_5311
IMG_5308.jpg IMG_5309.jpg IMG_5310.jpg IMG_5311.jpg
IMG_5312 IMG_5313 IMG_5314 IMG_5316
IMG_5312.jpg IMG_5313.jpg IMG_5314.jpg IMG_5316.jpg
IMG_5317 IMG_5319 IMG_5320 IMG_5321
IMG_5317.jpg IMG_5319.jpg IMG_5320.jpg IMG_5321.jpg
IMG_5322 IMG_5328 IMG_5329 IMG_5331
IMG_5322.jpg IMG_5328.jpg IMG_5329.jpg IMG_5331.jpg
IMG_5333 IMG_5334 IMG_5335 IMG_5336
IMG_5333.jpg IMG_5334.jpg IMG_5335.jpg IMG_5336.jpg
IMG_5337 IMG_5338 IMG_5339 IMG_5340
IMG_5337.jpg IMG_5338.jpg IMG_5339.jpg IMG_5340.jpg
IMG_5342 IMG_5344 IMG_5345 IMG_5347
IMG_5342.jpg IMG_5344.jpg IMG_5345.jpg IMG_5347.jpg
IMG_5348 IMG_5349 IMG_5350 IMG_5351
IMG_5348.jpg IMG_5349.jpg IMG_5350.jpg IMG_5351.jpg
IMG_5352 IMG_5353 IMG_5354 IMG_5355
IMG_5352.jpg IMG_5353.jpg IMG_5354.jpg IMG_5355.jpg
IMG_5356 IMG_5359 IMG_5360 IMG_5362
IMG_5356.jpg IMG_5359.jpg IMG_5360.jpg IMG_5362.jpg
IMG_5363 IMG_5364 IMG_5366 IMG_5367
IMG_5363.jpg IMG_5364.jpg IMG_5366.jpg IMG_5367.jpg
IMG_5368 IMG_5369 IMG_5375 IMG_5376
IMG_5368.jpg IMG_5369.jpg IMG_5375.jpg IMG_5376.jpg
IMG_5377 IMG_5379 IMG_5380 IMG_5381
IMG_5377.jpg IMG_5379.jpg IMG_5380.jpg IMG_5381.jpg
IMG_5384 IMG_5387 IMG_5391 IMG_5394
IMG_5384.jpg IMG_5387.jpg IMG_5391.jpg IMG_5394.jpg
IMG_5395 IMG_5401 IMG_5403 IMG_5404
IMG_5395.jpg IMG_5401.jpg IMG_5403.jpg IMG_5404.jpg
IMG_5408 IMG_5409 IMG_5410 IMG_5411
IMG_5408.jpg IMG_5409.jpg IMG_5410.jpg IMG_5411.jpg
IMG_5416 IMG_5417 IMG_5425 IMG_5426
IMG_5416.jpg IMG_5417.jpg IMG_5425.jpg IMG_5426.jpg
IMG_5438 IMG_5451 IMG_5456  
IMG_5438.jpg IMG_5451.jpg IMG_5456.jpg