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February 21, 2012 | Rodeo Dinner Dance | Nassau Bay

On Tuesday, February 21, 2012, The NASA, clear Creek Friendswood Metro Go Texan Subcommittee hosted the annual dinner dance, at the Gilruth Center, for the Texas Independence Trail Riders. This boot scootin' dinner and dance is the committee's way of welcoming the trail riders to the Bay Area and to give local residents the opportunity to enjoy this annual cowboy tradition.

The trail riders travel through Brazoria County and into the Clear Lake area where they overnight at the Space Center.  Wednesday morning they pack up again and head towards H-Town, completing their more than 90 mile trip, to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

The Texas Independence Trail Ride began in 1961 and is one of fourteen sanctioned rides converging on Houston to participate in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ Grand Parade.

Great live entertainment was provided by the David Glenn Band and the dinner was catered by Carrabbas Italian Grill. 
Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we visit with Trail Boss Jeff Simpson.

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022112_Dinner Dance_0001 022112_Dinner Dance_0002 022112_Dinner Dance_0003 022112_Dinner Dance_0004
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022112_Dinner Dance_0005.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0006.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0007.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0008.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0009 022112_Dinner Dance_0010 022112_Dinner Dance_0011 022112_Dinner Dance_0012
022112_Dinner Dance_0009.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0010.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0011.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0012.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0014 022112_Dinner Dance_0015 022112_Dinner Dance_0016 022112_Dinner Dance_0017
022112_Dinner Dance_0014.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0015.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0016.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0017.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0018 022112_Dinner Dance_0019 022112_Dinner Dance_0020 022112_Dinner Dance_0021
022112_Dinner Dance_0018.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0019.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0020.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0021.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0022 022112_Dinner Dance_0023 022112_Dinner Dance_0024 022112_Dinner Dance_0025
022112_Dinner Dance_0022.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0023.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0024.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0025.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0026 022112_Dinner Dance_0027 022112_Dinner Dance_0028 022112_Dinner Dance_0029
022112_Dinner Dance_0026.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0027.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0028.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0029.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0030 022112_Dinner Dance_0032 022112_Dinner Dance_0033 022112_Dinner Dance_0034
022112_Dinner Dance_0030.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0032.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0033.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0034.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0035 022112_Dinner Dance_0036 022112_Dinner Dance_0037 022112_Dinner Dance_0039
022112_Dinner Dance_0035.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0036.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0037.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0039.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0040 022112_Dinner Dance_0041 022112_Dinner Dance_0042 022112_Dinner Dance_0043
022112_Dinner Dance_0040.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0041.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0042.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0043.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0044 022112_Dinner Dance_0045 022112_Dinner Dance_0046 022112_Dinner Dance_0047
022112_Dinner Dance_0044.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0045.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0046.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0047.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0048 022112_Dinner Dance_0049 022112_Dinner Dance_0050 022112_Dinner Dance_0051
022112_Dinner Dance_0048.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0049.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0050.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0051.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0052 022112_Dinner Dance_0053 022112_Dinner Dance_0054 022112_Dinner Dance_0055
022112_Dinner Dance_0052.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0053.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0054.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0055.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0056 022112_Dinner Dance_0057 022112_Dinner Dance_0058 022112_Dinner Dance_0059
022112_Dinner Dance_0056.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0057.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0058.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0059.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0060 022112_Dinner Dance_0061 022112_Dinner Dance_0062 022112_Dinner Dance_0063
022112_Dinner Dance_0060.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0061.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0062.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0063.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0064 022112_Dinner Dance_0065 022112_Dinner Dance_0066 022112_Dinner Dance_0067
022112_Dinner Dance_0064.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0065.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0066.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0067.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0068 022112_Dinner Dance_0069 022112_Dinner Dance_0070 022112_Dinner Dance_0071
022112_Dinner Dance_0068.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0069.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0070.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0071.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0072 022112_Dinner Dance_0073 022112_Dinner Dance_0074 022112_Dinner Dance_0075
022112_Dinner Dance_0072.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0073.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0074.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0075.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0076 022112_Dinner Dance_0077 022112_Dinner Dance_0078 022112_Dinner Dance_0079
022112_Dinner Dance_0076.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0077.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0078.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0079.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0080 022112_Dinner Dance_0081 022112_Dinner Dance_0082 022112_Dinner Dance_0083
022112_Dinner Dance_0080.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0081.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0082.jpg 022112_Dinner Dance_0083.jpg
022112_Dinner Dance_0084      
022112_Dinner Dance_0084.jpg