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March 31, 2012 | Passport to the World of Wine | Friendswood

Sold out again this year, the Passport to the World of Wine, hosted by Hope Village was a huge success.  Villagers cheerfully greeted guests as they arrived to find the common areas of Hope Village beautifully decorated and filled with a huge selection of wines. 

Wines from Italy, Portugal, Spain and Texas were there for the tasting.  No doubt every guest found a new ‘favorite’ wine.  Accompanying the wine was a wonderful buffet filled with delicious foods including Bananas Foster which seemed to be a real crowd pleaser.

Along with the wonderful wine and food we also had a fun visit by two artists from Performance Pizzazz.  Carmen and Edwardo can only be described through photos.  Charming as ever they spent the evening visiting and entertaining guests. 

Listen in as Talk of the Bay visits with Sharon Proulx, Executive Director of Hope Village. Sharon, a very caring person, has been with Hope Village for 22 years and still beams when discussing new and innovative ideas to better the lives of the Villagers. 

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