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Miss Kemah/Miss Kemah Teen Pageant gallery 2

April 21 & 22, 2012 | Miss Kemah & Miss Teen Kemah | Kemah - gallery 1 ~ gallery 2

Saturday - Swimsuit Competition
The beautiful spring day was a great backdrop for the swimsuit stage of the Miss Kemah & Miss Teen Kemah competition. Held on the FantaSea, a beauty herself, the vessel was filled to capacity with media representatives, judges and of course gorgeous contestants.  Fourteen (14) teens competed for the Miss Teen Kemah and twelve (12) young women competed for the title of Miss Kemah; all of these beauties charmed and mesmerized those on board. 

During the four hour competition, celebrity judges Robin Collins, Kemah City Councilwoman; T.J. Aulds of the Galveston Daily News; Rick Clapp of Bay Area Magazine and Eddie Harper of Wiredin.cc observed, penned notes, soaked in the beautiful scenery and made their final decisions. 

All of the ladies were beautiful and all are winners but only two of these swimsuit beauties  walked away with the honors.  The winners of the Miss Kemah Swimsuit Competition are: Tiffany Faul in the Miss Teen Kemah category and Nikki Golyer in the Miss Kemah category.  Congratulations ladies!

Sunday - The Beauty Pageant Competition
The overall winner of the Miss Teen Kemah is 17 year old Tiffany Faul from Lake Jackson and the overall winner of the Miss Kemah competition is 25 year old Erin Kay from Galveston. 

We wish them well and look forward to seeing both of these ladies in the upcoming state competitions.

Listen into Talk about the Bay and enjoy the conversations with Tom Hultz, Tammy Faul, the 2012 Miss Kemah and Miss Teen Kemah.

Editor’s Note: Kemah Tourism
We would also like to congratulate Mrs. Sylvia Streeter, Kemah’s very first Miss Kemah.

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