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May 5 & 6, 2012 | Gumbo Cookoff and Blessing of the Fleet | Kemah ~ gallery 1 ~ gallery 2

On Saturday, May 5, the annual Gumbo Cookoff was going strong in the city of Kemah.  Secret ingredients were being put to the test as cook-off teams prepared their prized recipes; the aroma smelled wonderful as it drifted across the Visitors Center. 

Sunday, in celebration of the 44th annual Blessing of the Fleet, Father Paul Felix of Shrine of the True Cross Catholic Church performed the blessing of the boats for the 2012 season. Emceeing from the outdoor patio of the Cadillac Bar & Grill, Kelly Williams introduced each of the vessels, private and commercial, as spectators cheered. 

Many thanks to the folks at the Boardwalk for the exciting ride on The Beast!  Listen in to Talk of the Bay.

Results of the 2012 Blessing of the Fleet

Place     Boat #         Boat Name                            Captain’s Name Kemah Texas

Commercial Shrimps Boat Under 40’
1st            1             Centennial “76”                  Ron Galloway, Sr.
2nd          19            Tiffany Leann II                 Steven Rushing
3rd          59            April Fool                          “Capt. Wally” Jakubas

Commercial Shrimp Boats Over 40’
1st           30            Mr. Anthony             Ronnie Galloway, Jr.
2nd            7            Dying Breed             Donny Stanfield
3rd          14            Capt. Hunter            Earl Branch

 Shrimp Boat - Conciliation
1st              18            Lady Bre                 Adrian Etie
2nd             17            Tina Marie               Robert McCradkene
3rd              37            Louise                     Case Skelley
4th              49            No Name                Ly Tran

Commercial Boats
1st              60            Captain Kidd            Captain Taz
2nd             53            Flying Pearl                       Dunn Rong
3rd              54            Boardwalk Fanta Sea Dave Koplin

Pleasure Boats Under 40’
1st              47            Blew Bayou Too                 Doyle Alfrey
2nd              57             Grey Ghost                       Alistair Strachan
3rd             46             Sea Graham                      Allan Graham

Pleasure Boats Over 40’
1st              23            Rena                                Cliff Kirmss

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