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2012 Pasadena Strawberry Festival -- gallery 1 ~ gallery 2

May 19, 2012 | 39th Annual Pasadena Strawberry Festival | Pasadena

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend for one of our favorite festivals, the Pasadena Strawberry Festival themed Stars, Strips, Strawberries for 2012.  Thousands of families from all over the bay area and beyond enjoyed shopping wares from hundreds of vendors, exciting carnival activities, and cool mid-way acts and of course strawberries; strawberries by the pack, by the crate, chocolate covered and of course strawberry shortcake.  This year’s Strawberry Shortcake weighed in at more than 10,000 pounds and collectively took more than 900 man hours to chop, slice, mix and bake.  It was delicious! 

Some of our favorite activities included the Gator Show, not something I would like to do for a living and of course the mutton bustin’ which is just hysterical watching the kiddos hangin’

Throughout the weekend, more than a dozen different bands entertained the crowds.  Highlights for the evening entertainment included the Josh Abbott Band, Randy Rogers and The Slaggs who wrapped things up on Sunday. 
For all you dirty minded folks, more than 125 teams competed in the Mud Volleyball Championship. Congratulations to the Mud Slingers who took home the top spot with Goddard Crew and the Hogs taking the 2 & 3 spots. Listen in as Talk of the Bay has some fun with other fest goers.

Put this one on your calendar for next year…there is definitely something for everyone. Visit www.StrawberryFest.org

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