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Eddie Harper

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Destination Dance gallery 1
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The "" brand and redeye will be eliminated. And don't worry, we shoot in such a resolution that the prints will be crisp! You should receive the prints in about a week! If you order the DVD, please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery. If you have any special requests, just ask! We'll do our best to make sure you are pleased with your purchase. You have my word on it! -Eddie Harper


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Destination Dance gallery 1

IMG_2610 IMG_2614 IMG_2615 IMG_2616
IMG_2610.jpg IMG_2614.jpg IMG_2615.jpg IMG_2616.jpg
IMG_2617 IMG_2619 IMG_2620 IMG_2621
IMG_2617.jpg IMG_2619.jpg IMG_2620.jpg IMG_2621.jpg
IMG_2622 IMG_2623 IMG_2624 IMG_2629
IMG_2622.jpg IMG_2623.jpg IMG_2624.jpg IMG_2629.jpg
IMG_2636 IMG_2637 IMG_2638 IMG_2639
IMG_2636.jpg IMG_2637.jpg IMG_2638.jpg IMG_2639.jpg
IMG_2640 IMG_2641 IMG_2642 IMG_2643
IMG_2640.jpg IMG_2641.jpg IMG_2642.jpg IMG_2643.jpg
IMG_2644 IMG_2645 IMG_2646 IMG_2647
IMG_2644.jpg IMG_2645.jpg IMG_2646.jpg IMG_2647.jpg
IMG_2648 IMG_2649 IMG_2650 IMG_2651
IMG_2648.jpg IMG_2649.jpg IMG_2650.jpg IMG_2651.jpg
IMG_2652 IMG_2653 IMG_2654 IMG_2656
IMG_2652.jpg IMG_2653.jpg IMG_2654.jpg IMG_2656.jpg
IMG_2751 IMG_2752 IMG_2753 IMG_2754
IMG_2751.jpg IMG_2752.jpg IMG_2753.jpg IMG_2754.jpg
IMG_2755 IMG_2756 IMG_2757 IMG_2758
IMG_2755.jpg IMG_2756.jpg IMG_2757.jpg IMG_2758.jpg
IMG_2759 IMG_2760 IMG_2761 IMG_2762
IMG_2759.jpg IMG_2760.jpg IMG_2761.jpg IMG_2762.jpg
IMG_2763 IMG_2764 IMG_2765 IMG_2766
IMG_2763.jpg IMG_2764.jpg IMG_2765.jpg IMG_2766.jpg
IMG_2767 IMG_2768 IMG_2769 IMG_2770
IMG_2767.jpg IMG_2768.jpg IMG_2769.jpg IMG_2770.jpg
IMG_2771 IMG_2772 IMG_2773 IMG_2774
IMG_2771.jpg IMG_2772.jpg IMG_2773.jpg IMG_2774.jpg
IMG_2775 IMG_2776 IMG_2777 IMG_2778
IMG_2775.jpg IMG_2776.jpg IMG_2777.jpg IMG_2778.jpg
IMG_2780 IMG_2781 IMG_2782 IMG_2783
IMG_2780.jpg IMG_2781.jpg IMG_2782.jpg IMG_2783.jpg
IMG_2784 IMG_2785 IMG_2786 IMG_2787
IMG_2784.jpg IMG_2785.jpg IMG_2786.jpg IMG_2787.jpg
IMG_2788 IMG_2789 IMG_2790 IMG_2791
IMG_2788.jpg IMG_2789.jpg IMG_2790.jpg IMG_2791.jpg
IMG_2792 IMG_2793 IMG_2794 IMG_2795
IMG_2792.jpg IMG_2793.jpg IMG_2794.jpg IMG_2795.jpg
IMG_2796 IMG_2797 IMG_2798 IMG_2799
IMG_2796.jpg IMG_2797.jpg IMG_2798.jpg IMG_2799.jpg
IMG_2800 IMG_2801 IMG_2803 IMG_2804
IMG_2800.jpg IMG_2801.jpg IMG_2803.jpg IMG_2804.jpg
IMG_2805 IMG_2806 IMG_2808 IMG_2809
IMG_2805.jpg IMG_2806.jpg IMG_2808.jpg IMG_2809.jpg
IMG_2810 IMG_2811 IMG_2812 IMG_2813
IMG_2810.jpg IMG_2811.jpg IMG_2812.jpg IMG_2813.jpg
IMG_2814 IMG_2815 IMG_2816 IMG_2818
IMG_2814.jpg IMG_2815.jpg IMG_2816.jpg IMG_2818.jpg
IMG_2819 IMG_2820 IMG_2821 IMG_2822
IMG_2819.jpg IMG_2820.jpg IMG_2821.jpg IMG_2822.jpg
IMG_2824 IMG_2825 IMG_2826 IMG_2827
IMG_2824.jpg IMG_2825.jpg IMG_2826.jpg IMG_2827.jpg
IMG_2828 IMG_2829 IMG_2830 IMG_2831
IMG_2828.jpg IMG_2829.jpg IMG_2830.jpg IMG_2831.jpg
IMG_2832 IMG_2833 IMG_2834 IMG_2835
IMG_2832.jpg IMG_2833.jpg IMG_2834.jpg IMG_2835.jpg
IMG_2836 IMG_2837 IMG_2838 IMG_2839
IMG_2836.jpg IMG_2837.jpg IMG_2838.jpg IMG_2839.jpg
IMG_2840 IMG_2841 IMG_2842 IMG_2843
IMG_2840.jpg IMG_2841.jpg IMG_2842.jpg IMG_2843.jpg
IMG_2844 IMG_2845 IMG_2846 IMG_2847
IMG_2844.jpg IMG_2845.jpg IMG_2846.jpg IMG_2847.jpg
IMG_2848 IMG_2849 IMG_2851 IMG_2852
IMG_2848.jpg IMG_2849.jpg IMG_2851.jpg IMG_2852.jpg
IMG_2853 IMG_2855 IMG_2856 IMG_2857
IMG_2853.jpg IMG_2855.jpg IMG_2856.jpg IMG_2857.jpg
IMG_2858 IMG_2859 IMG_2860 IMG_2861
IMG_2858.jpg IMG_2859.jpg IMG_2860.jpg IMG_2861.jpg
IMG_2862 IMG_2863    
IMG_2862.jpg IMG_2863.jpg