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July 4, 2012 | Independence Day Parade | Kemah

Hot, sunny and lots of people; a perfect recipe for a down home 4th of July celebration.  The streets were lined with parade watchers along the Lighthouse District in the city of Kemah.  First up were the youngest of the parade marchers with kids on bicycles and being pulled in wagons.  Next came the ‘big’ parade and everyone joined in.  Featured in the parade were Mayor Bob Cummins, Miss Kemah and Miss Teen Kemah followed by dozens of decorated vehicles of all sorts.  The parade circled the Lighthouse District where candy and toys were tossed to crowd enjoying the festivities. The grand finale was held at the Kemah Community Center where hotdogs and soft drinks were handed out by the dozens.  Kemah Tourism

Providing some great music both in the parade and for the award ceremony at the community center was the Swingtime Dixieland Band.

Listen in on Talk of the Bay, as Mayor Cummins talks about his city.

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