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August 3 | 2012 Politically Incorrect Dinner
Four cities, one team…the North Galveston County Chamber of Commerce proudly presented and hosted the annual Politically Incorrect Dinner at La Brisa on the Creek.  Bringing together local celebrities and politicians from around Clear Lake to sing, dance, massage and wait on guests as part of this fun fundraiser.  The silent auction included wonderful baskets filled with goodies and the very popular live auction brought in thousands of dollars for local scholarship award winners. 

Scholarship award winners include Ryan Allcorn and Sally Perkins from Bay Area Christian, Agustin Escalante from Clear Creek High School, Davis Hairston from Clear Springs High School and Kasey Gray and Jacob DiSalvo from Dickinson High School.

Many thanks to Mary Proudy and her committee for the great job. Check out the fun photos...

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