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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally gal 2 | Sturgis SD

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2012 Our Journey Day 2

We converged where the gravel met the asphalt. We had to spread out because of all the dirt being kicked up by the bikes; once in line we headed to Sturgis.  The rest of the road was in great shape, no potholes or grime track; it was very hard to keep an eye on the road with all the great scenery. 

All of my senses were on overdrive, except the taste one, fortunately the windshield kept the bugs away. The Road King was responsible for my touch and sound senses while the Canyon owned the rest. We arrived in Sturgis for the 72ndAnnual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and it was what I envisioned only multiplied times over. There were thousands of bikes, trikes, and other hi-bred contraptions and of course the bars were hugely popular!  These establishments make their living, for the year, during these 2 rally weeks! We checked out the Knuckle Saloon and the Easyrider where Foghat happened to be rocking. Day 3

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