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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally gal 3 | Sturgis SD

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2012 Our Journey Day 3

It was easy getting up and since most folks were still sleeping off the “after the ride” party the night before I decided to take a little hike into the sticks. I couldn’t resist checking out the countryside despite the mountain lion warning.  I did come across a Turkey and its clutch of turkeylings ( are they really called that?);  I didn’t know they could fly so well. I got some shots of rocks and trees and turkeylings and headed back to the house hoping that everyone was ready to go. By the time I finished my hike I was starved and kept thinking of all those “Biker Breakfast“signs along the way. All the guys and bikes were ready to roll; I won’t mention what sex we were waiting on. I don’t understand why so much time was spent on hair. Either the wind or the helmet was going to change all that work in about 2 minutes on the road. I figured that out before the first ride.

We finally got started, had breakfast on the way out to our first destination of the day, Deadwood. We passed thru 2 Canyons on the way. The skies were a deep blue and temps were around 85. I had my camera on me although it was a little bit of a challenge to learn how to shoot right handed with the throttle on the right side while getting beat on my back by Sondra. She didn’t like me shooting while driving. She still doesn’t understand me even after 28 years of marriage. I finally convinced her that if she would quit hitting me I would not shoot while making a turn, braking, banking, and no photography over 75mph that was not straight in front of us.

We arrived alive in Deadwood. This little town was founded in the late 1800’s; the gold rush days.  It’s a great little town with great restaurants, saloons, and shops. There you can do some gambling while throwing back some brews. We started to get some heat like Houston and decided to try out the No. 10 Saloon. Deadwood is a great place and their claim to fame is this is where Wild Bill Hickok was shot and killed holding the Dead Man’s Hand, aces and eights.

We left this little town in the Black Hills and headed towards Spearfish Canyon via 14A Spearfish Scenic Byway. This beautiful route was lined with limestone cliffs. Along the way we stopped at Spearfish Creek to check out this trout filled, icy cold, crystal clear creek. We all wanted to jump in but instead just we dipped our dew rags to cool off. We stopped just up the road to grab a bite to eat at one of the many fundraising sights taking advantage of the biker glut.

Next we headed out to Newell, South Dakota. Why? Mike Newell had done some research for our ride and come across this little town that owns and operates its own bar. He was convinced that his forefathers settled in there, not for the gold rush but to open a bar. After much talking he ‘convinced’ the establishment owners that was the case and got a cold one on the house. Day 4

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