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September 2 | 2012 Redfish Raftup | Redfish Island ~ gallery 1 ~ gallery 2 ~ gallery 3

More than 150 boats loaded with family and friends enjoyed the only concert on Galveston bay; the annual Redfish Raftup featuring live music by the bay area’s own Kelly McGuire.  Huge cargo ships passing through the Intercoastal Canal created a unique back drop for Starfleet’s beautiful Stargazer and the rest of the vessels anchored around Redfish Island. Typical for this summer event, there was a mid-day cooling rain shower that came thru helping to bring down the summer temps.

The Redfish Raftup concert was started 9 years ago by Tom Lober, owner of Starfleet Yachts.  Pairing up with Kelly McGuire, Tom brought on the Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF) as a way of contributing back to the health of our environment.

Listen in as Amy Alton of Starfleet Yachts and Bob Stokes of GBF pair up once more for the 2012 Redfish Raftup.

Support Galveston Bay Foundation:

Galveston Bay Foundation and Urban Harvest need your votes for Chase Community Giving! Chase Community Giving is helping charities across the nation by donating $5 million to the ones who collect the most votes between Sept. 6 -19. GBF and Urban Harvest have teamed up so that you can "support local food and local conservation from the Bayou City to the Bay" with your votes! You can help by visiting the Galveston Bay Foundation or Urban Harvest facebook pages on September 6 and following the steps to vote and share the information with facebook friends and others. With your support, we hope to win at least $20,000 together to help us continue our missions of respecting, promoting, and protecting our local environment and natural resources.

October 13 & 14 | Bike Around the Bay | Galveston Bay

Registration for the sixth annual Bike Around the Bay is open! A fully supported two-day bicycle ride around Galveston Bay, Bike Around the Bay showcases the natural beauty of Galveston Bay while benefiting Galveston Bay Foundation. We have added mileage so the ride will be 180 miles this year and will truly be Bike AROUND the Bay! Details and registration information may be found on the Bike Around the Bay website.
Take a look at the 2011 ride

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