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Rodeo Rocks the Runway Photos 1 | Nassau Bay

Rodeo Rocks the Runway, 2013 | Nassau Bay ~ gallery 1 ~ gallery 2

High Energy, literally kicked off the Rodeo Rocks the Runway fashion show hosted by the NASA, Clear Creek, Friendswood Go Metro Committee.  Three energetic, young men, sang, charmed and danced their way into the favor of hundreds of fashion show attendees. Directly following the opening act, models selected from the community sashayed their way down the New York style runway.  Lenny Matazuski treated the audience to yet another creative show which even included cowboys and Indians. 

The event continued on through lunch as lively music and dancing entertainment was provided again by the High Energy trio along with a live and silent auction.  Once again, a huge success this event continues to be one of the most popular events in the bay area. 

February 14 – Rodeo Dinner Dance – Nassau Bay
Next up is the Dinner Dance.  Hosted by the committee for the Texas Independent Trail Riders, this western style happening will be held on February 19.  Expect a great C&W band, some great little silent auction items and a lot of boot scootin’ throughout the evening.  Tickets are still available, contact Chiquita@Wiredin.cc

March 14 – Hooters to Horns – Houston
March 14 brings the annual rodeo bus trip, the last of the 2013 season events.  Featured Hip Hop & Rap artist, Pitbull will be performing that night, guaranteeing a sellout.  Starting with wings and beer at Hooters and a fun bus trip to Reliant, this is the best way to get to and enjoy the rodeo.  For ticket information contact Video Production for BusinessRmiketaylor_77058@yahoo.com or Chiquita@wiredin.cc

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