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photos by Eddie Harper & Paul Fjelsta

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Z Krewe Coronation Ball photos gal 1 | Galveston

Z Krewe - Super Heroes and Villains ~ gallery 1 ~ gallery 2
Super heroes and villans gathered together at the Davidson Ballroom to celebrate Z Krewe. Crowning King Zanie XIX, Chris Ditto and Queen Zanie XVIII, Ginette Pye the Zanies came together to honor this year’s royal court. 

Krewe members dressed as their favorite hero or villain, enjoyed a fun evening of dinner, dancing, beads, a few Mardi Gras totties and lots of frivolity. Leading the dance line and ensuring that a royal good time is had by all was Big Daddy XIX, Jack Torregrossa and his Big Momma XIX, Barbara Rodgers. 

Let the good times roll!

Zestival balcony parties tickets for February 8 & 9 are now available, visit ZKrewe.net

This year’s court: Video for Business
The Royal Green Zoot – Lynn Castanie
The Royal Green Zaftig – Erin Barnes

The Royal Purple Zoot – Alan Shem
The Royal Purple Zaftig – Kristi Rachui

The Royal White Zoot – Mickey Jashinsky
The Royal White Zaftig – Pamela Petty

The Royal Black Zoot – Bill Pye
The Royal Black Zaftig – Kristie Schoppe

Editor’s Note:
In December, Bob Carmody; a beloved member of Z Krewe passed away. His wonderful smile was and will be missed by all.  We’re thinking about you ‘Sweet Cheeks’.  

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