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Year Round – Armand Bayou Nature Center - Pasadena

If you’re curious how Armand Bayou Nature Center (ABNC) is working to preserve the habitats surrounding Armand Bayou, come out and see for yourself.  Enjoy a ride on the Bayou Ranger an electtric pontoon boat or take a guided canoe tour.  And if you’d like more information, come and enjoy the special events happening at ABNC every 2nd Saturday of the month. 

Learn how years ago plants were not only used for food, but also for medicine, shelter, clothing and even ceremonies. And for those wanting to really get the feel of previous cultures, Elizabeth Aucoin, a local anthropologist brings a hands-on exhibit of pottery sherds, bones and projectile points.   Bring the kids for even more fun as they participate in an archaeological dig of their own.

Listen in as Tom Kartrude, tells Talk of the Bay about ABNC and the special things happening around our bayou. Admission to Second Saturdays is free to members, $3 for non-member adults and $1 for children 4-12 and seniors 60 and older. For more information, phone 281-474-2551.

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